Friday, April 30, 2010

on the things I miss

I miss waking up in the morning, busy preparing for my breakfast and for my lunch box for work. Wearing my work uniform like an executive, the smell of my wet hair from shower, the drawer that all my bit and pieces was there, the Winnie d pooh bed cover and pillows that I was comfortably hugging it and nobody can use that pillow because that was belong to me.

I miss the fresh air from the country where I grew up, the bayanihan with all the people know you and treated you that you're important , the fiestas that we could eat from one house to another LOL! , the Flores de Mayo, where the kids loves to attend. Preparing little basket of flowers and at the end a coronation who became a May flower of the night.

I miss the coffee of my mother LOL. Coffee out from corn rice and pure coffee, the SUMAN from my Aunt and the BIKO of my mother. The GINATAAN of my father, that he loves most whenever he made dinner for us. Waking up in the middle of the night to savour a fresh soup from sea foods ( crabs, shrimps, lobsters etc)when my father got home from fishing. The picnic in the middle of a coconut farm of my father.

I miss the familiar things. The things I knew that would always be there in my heart and my mind. In a typical child way, I guess, I never imagined things would ever be any different than they were. The daily laughter with my brothers and sisters, my childhood memories in the garden running and playing around with friends, the whistle of my father and what and how the way he disciplined us. A little presents from our parents when we A in school. A hug, a cry , a little soft voice when my mom talking with my father at night. The feeling that I am safe and comfortable.

These are the things that make me it hard to ever really grow up.

I love my childhood memories, with no worries,no problems. Although, I've learned a lot in life and I am proud of who I became now however there is still part of me feels like little girl. Maybe because I miss back home.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

GT-Pigging Out

Yes, I was a bit confused with the word pigging out. I thought , the last time you eat pig ,hahaha!!!  But when I read the post of ganda Niko and browsing the  definition of pig-out. I fully understood what does it mean. By the way, in contrary with the meaning of pigging out. The last time I ate pig was 5 years ago.. Hehehe!!! I almost forgot now the taste of the lechon. We cannot buy pig meat here anywhere coz it's forbidden in the religion. Russian non-kosher shop sells pig meat but also limited. However, I have to obey the rules given by management.

Here I am again, want to share the GT-Meme for this week. The last time I pigging out was last week with my cousin Roze as usual. That was my treat  to her because she will go back home (Philippines) and I don't think I still have time to see her before she leave next week. I'm busy "daw".LOL!

We went to Japanika i Restaurant and oh, gosh! I almost spent 200$ that weekend night out. That includes drinks, the reason why the next morning,  I had a terrible headache.

Here are the photos of what we ate.

tempura with creamy sauce and a salad

Combination E Sushi and Seafoods and Vegetables Noodles

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My GT Entries for this April

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Am I truly brave?

While working this morning, It came across my mind what Erwin (my fiancee) told me when we have arguments. That, I am so brave. I smiled and asked myself if I am truly brave? then I gave a big laugh for myself of what I was thinking.

So, I listed few things that I would do if I am truly brave.

1. Write my life story and send it to "Maalaala Mo Kaya"
2. Sing in front of the big crowd with confidence.
3. Wear a bikini when I'll be in the Philippine beaches.
4. Indulge more often in luxury
5. To marry a stranger and be a wife and a mother.
6. Learn to say "NO" to my family.
7. Go back in School and be a Management Accountant

There are things I used to do here like wearing a bikini but I don't know if I can do it when I'll be home. The environment, the culture and the people are different. There are restriction and limitation especially I'll be surrounded with conservative family. Hehehe!I will see!

Underneath a libel washes the motorway.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

On hangover prevention

My cousin and I went out last night. After eating our fabulous Dinner at Japanika Suhi Bar we went straight to Temple Bar - Irish Pub which we had a lovely and great time. It was a very cozy ambiance, clean and beautiful. The bar offers to the public over 70 different kinds  of beers, and they have also different kinds of Irish whiskies, liquors and etc accompanied by their Irish dishes. It is an ideal meeting place of friends who wants to have a chat while listening music and having social drinks. It is really a cool place. If I will have an opportunity to go out again, I will come back there and spend sometime with friends who loves social drinks while listening music.But I won't have anymore three glasses of different drinks. Lol! Bartenders are very accommodating and friendly. Which I never regret spending some few shekels as long I enjoyed it.

Well, after having some fun, we always says, "I will never ever drink again". And it happened to me this morning. LOL! Am not shamed of myself posting it here. Actually, it wasn't so strong drinks but I had three different kinds of alcohol which is bad sign for hang-overs. 

I read some articles today on how to prevent and get rid of hangovers. I think I have to focus on preventing hang-overs than feel sorry the next day.  As to speak prevention is better than cure.

There are plenty of factors that can affect how severe your hang-over might be, such as how much you drink, at what rate, what you eat and drink while consuming alcohol, what kinds of drinks you have (I had 3 different kinds) and how much water you consume along with a booze. 

To prevent hangover you have to eat hearty food  before or during the session. If possible drink a glass of milk before alcohol. Limit your consumption of congeners. Stick to one type of drinks. Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and it is also advisable to drink loads of water before going to sleep. You pee a lot but its helpful and makes you feel better. And after done partying, don't go to bed straight stay up for a few hours until the alcohol starts wearing off. Be happy the next day, no one told you to drink a lot of alcohol. If you know your limitations you can prevent to have hangover. No one to blame but yourself only , so no need to get irritated to the people around you. 

It is too late to prevent if you suffer already a pounding headache. Here are some cure of hangover.

1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Eat something light
3.Have bouillon soup to restore salt and potassium
4. Have a food or drinks that contains fructose
5. Trying eating bacon sandwich
6. Take a pain reliever or multivitamins.

If you can managed to shower then go back to bed after eating light meals which I did this morning LOL! And the last thing take some exercise to increase appetite.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

GT-Buffet Time

It's GT again and this week theme is what food do I pick first on a buffet table? Hmmm! Hehehe!

When I went last year for a vacation and the hotel displayed a lot of foods in a buffet table. As an oderves or appetizers, which is very common here in Israel, I choose first like a grilled salmon with lemon or mayonaise and green salads! However, I really like seafoods, like lobsters and shrimp. These kind of food , I cannot see on a buffet table here because Israel cannot  eat  fish without fins. It's forbidden for Jewish Religion. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BC Bloggers Party - Time to know me

I know it's a late entry but I can't resist  joining as part of BC Bloggers Club of Paula. Belated  Happy Birthday sis Paula. Wish you happiness and long life. Some of us inspired by you.

Now, it's a revealing secret of who truly I am. Apart from my post on life as a breadwinner and about me categories. I'm a frustrated career woman, a responsible, loving daughter and a sister. Giving  up  my wonderful job for my family  8 years ago and went abroad and be a Caregiver. You can view also my blog Pinoy Life Abroad. Oppss, I'm getting serious here. I get  intimidated hahaha!

By the way, 32 years ago, I was born at  the 10th of April and given a named Isadora by my lola (as to speak) I don't like my name however when I'm  abroad I've seen and heard of signature shop, boutique and restaurant name Isadora. So, I like it na lang! I am a proud Dabawenya, a country girl from Davao Oriental but moved in the City at age 13. My family called my nick Thata and my friends used to call me Issa, Isang. Actually, I have a lot of nick and one of those that I like most is Charmie. The reason why my blog Url has a combination of pink and charm. As a girl, I love pink and blue color.

Growing up, I was always a sweet, shy girl, quiet and reserve. But I certainly grown into my self. I'm not a shy girl anymore, though I still got sometimes hesitation nevertheless, I was very young away from my parents,  and I learned how to be brave,  strong, and have courage to learned standing my own way. I learned to love nice and good things. Which means, I am person with a lot of independence and I can do whatever I want with limitations.

Behind that, I am a kitchen person hehehe! I love cooking and baking. I used to keep recipe from magazine, cut it out and put it in a scrapbook or write in down. I also love to collect stamps, coins and love scrap booking and crafting. Not a cross stitch, I hate it. These hidden interest have lost when I became a no.1 chat addict.  Believe it or not I could stay in the chatroom until 4 o'clock in the morning.That's how I started my Love is in the Air odd relationship two years ago that keep going on until now. My lovely dubby chumpoy hehehe! However,  I  got tired on stupid nonsense chatting and focused my blog when I'm not busy at work. 

 my lovey dubby chumpoy

Now, I want to get back my interest in cooking and everything else. I am working 4 blogs, when I have time to write. I became addicted in blogging, and I thank you for my co-blogger and my soon to be co-blogger for following my journey in blogging world. 

Here the Link of my blogs:

I am thankful and glad to know a these Lovely BC-Bloggers.
  1. Paula – A certified BC blogger – wife, mother, employee, blogger all rolled into one.
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  4. Bambie/Sunshine – blogging to let you take a sneak peak into a world that is MINE. This is me, the real me. No hesitations, no presumptions, no holding back. I’m sharing my heart to you, no-holds barred.
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  6. Cacai M. – a Stay-At-Home-Wife and blogging is my passion. I am happy when people are happy. I view blogging as my open or public diary of random thoughts wherein I can express and share my views, reviews, thoughts, happiness, adventures, and experiences.” ~hugs&kisses~
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Happy 62nd Independence Israel

The declaration of statehood unified the Jewish people, all over the world. This statehood helps them win the war of Independence and establish the State of Israel.

Last night, Jewish people gathered together again in Tel-Aviv Museum where the first declaration took place. To welcome their 62nd Independence, fireworks explode in each City of Israel, Israeli people wave their National flag while dancing in the street. I can see their unity together, I can feel how happy they were celebrating their Independence especially those people who suffered from Holocaust and their beloved ones died just to fought the war.

One of the trend of this holiday is "barbecue picnic." Everybody can go out and drive without restriction specially to those religious people.

 I was invited for barbecue picnic today, with Sarah and Anne (Sarah daughter)and David(son-inlaw). We went to a beautiful country where Anne's friend live. She does it every year and she always made it lovely. We all had Israeli and English salads for our oderves or appetizers and a grilled salmon fish fresh from the fire. For our dessert , we can choose chocolate moose, a triffle, lemon moose, fresh fruits salads.  It was a really lovely afternoon. We enjoyed it a lot and I learned from them good things in life.. LOL.. I had 2 glasses of gin and tonic that made me tired and a bit tipsy. Lucky I can still write it here.

I was sorry, I forgot my camera!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Volcano Chaos

Few days ago, a huge volcano in Iceland erupted and continues to create problems for European airspace that paralyzed in most Europe countries leaving thousand of passengers stranded. Most airlines grounded across Europe including, Great Britain, Denmark, France and Germany.

Webcam shot of Eyjafjallajökull erupting on April 17, 2010.
Photo courtesy by Flicker!

The cancellation of flights due for safety for the people and for the Airline companies. The tiny particles of volcanic ashes could jam up the engine of passenger jets. One jet pilot today has been for his training and seems was alright in the sky. He didn't see anything wrong and managed to land however when they checked the engine of the jet , they saw the damage. 

In spite of that,  European airline are taking test flights to see the effect of the ash on their aircraft in hopes to convince the Euro officials to resume airspace. Now, officials of KLM said that European airspace is safe with exemption of Northern are between Iceland and Russia. Nevertheless, they hasn't give any details about flight plans or sort of information if we want them to believe these test flights. Volcanoes are erupting along Indonesia, Alaska, Japan, and elsewhere around the world without widespread problems. However, the key question is how similar is this eruption to those that occur around the world all the time  and at what timescales could ash concentration change in the air over Europe. One other thing I don't know  and maybe somebody out there does do most commercial pilots get trained on ash avoidance? However, there is still no word on when all of European airspace will reopen  but they are hoping 50% of normal flights by Monday.

Daring pilots approaching the melting glacier near Eyjafjallajökull eruption. Torrents of meltwater can be seen in the background from the melting glacier.
Eyjafjallajökull erupting at night on April 17/18, 2010, with impressive fire fountaining.
I felt sorry for the people affected in this European chaos. I think that this tragic situation has connection with global warming.  However, I cannot predict neither give an idea of what happen with our mother earth today. Everywhere is happening that seems like its the beginning of and ending. I remember the movie 2012, how Nostradamus predicted the world. From world war 1 , world war 2 and this present situation. Its really frightening. On the other hand only GOD knows what he is doing. All we can help is to continue believing with him and have strong faith.

UK Airport, Photo courtesy by google

Sunday, April 18, 2010

on believing myself

I  think that is so crazy insane how we can get caught out in  life that we forget the foundation of the things that make us who we are. I'm not a writer nor born to be a writer I just love to take notes whatever I think and feel. Back few years ago,   I used to write down all of the things that I know to be true for myself and for life in general... When I sorting out my things today, I stumbled across my notes and saw the list.

This is the notes that I found  today!

1. I've come to realize I try to hard to hold on the things I should let go.
2. I've found a million things in myself that I never thought Its possible to happen.
3. I realize that no mater how much you love someone that doesn't mean they will ever love you back .
4. I can see now that there are no rewards without risk.
5. I know that things have to hurt bad before they ever get better.
6. I've come to realize that no matter how hard I try nothing i ever 100 percent cetain.
7. I've come to realize that friends only come and goes and its how you make the time that matters.
8. I can see that a family , is a family after all what you have done to them.
9. I can see that I have given an opportunity in this life and I shouldn't  take it for granted.
10. I've come to realize that pain is the foundation of beautiful things that has yet to come.
11. I believe that everybody has given an opportunity to forget and forgive and correct their mistakes and move on in life.
12. I know that love is the greatest thing in the world and hearbreak is worst to bare.
13. I believe when GOD closes the door he may not open another right away but he always leave a window for us  to crawl out.
14. I've realize that to grow is a learning process.
15. I've come to the conclusion that life is truly about the journey not the destination.
16. I believe that determination is the key for everything.
17. Life is often a risk, take changes, and if you are not happy , fix it until who you've  become and who you are.

After reading this list, I don't know if I lost the part of me who had self confidence and faith in myself.  Definitely that girl is not lost but I want to find her again not of who she was but to be better and be better and better!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Notes from my diary ..January 23, 2003

I just wonder why it happen to me? Is this my fate? Lord, please guide me the right way!

* There are those who were mislead into believing that a relationship was right and there are those who were knew that was a sin right from the beginning but may of us even after knowing were going the wrong way still. They choose to take the chance and persitently stay on that road, even if we know of the danger that lurks in its path. 

GOD, always put a"red stop light" along our journey to remind us that we are going to hurt ourselves if we use stubbornly stop on the gas and move on. But he doesn't put a physical barrier to keep us in place. In the end, it is still our choice base on our own free will to stop what is wrong and move on with what is right . 

* You choose not to become part of it not because it was your heart wanted you to do but because it was what your conscience was telling you, girl. I'm glad you looked at GOD stop light and step on the brakes. *

Thursday, April 15, 2010

GT-Food Hopping

Girls Talk

The theme for this week is all about most expensive food, we ever had.

I came to the point that expensive food depends to the place where you eat. Some of this food are very delightful and beautiful to look at but when you taste it , it is not your taste at all.

Since I didn't go out more often I invite my cousin to come over every twice a month and we treat ourselves to eat in a posh restaurant. We explore from one restaurant to another every other week. I am always being lucky to  have 50$ extra from the daughter of my patient every time we went out.

 Usually we ended to eat to our favorite restaurant, the "Collins Kitchen and Bar Restaurant" We love their food though expensive but it is worthy to spend such money. As long I enjoyed it I wouldn't mind. I know when I'll be home I can't  have this luxury. Things will be change, so while I'm here I enjoy my life to the fullest. I'm happy being pampered.

Lamb Chop @ Soho Restaurant for 98nis equivalent to 26$

Sushi @ River Restaurant  @ 20$
Collins Special Steak and Sea Food Mix @ almost 100$ per serve
Banana Split @ Max Brenner Restaurant @ 15$ per serve
Fruit Salad with ice cream @ Taipei @ 10 per serve

Appetizer @ Taipei

As I said earlier food prices vary what restaurant you eat and how posh they are. The serving in Taipei Restaurant is great, which two people can have in one serving. The price is not expensive and the food is not bad at all.  Some restaurant that I mention above is really expensive which the fact I could buy a whole chicken here for about 4$ per kilo. I can buy a shawarma for about 2 $.

I never realized that collecting food shot for remembrance is a great help. This is part of my addiction in photographs.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Relax and Swim

Though its not yet summer here but the pool is open already for the people who are residents in the complex. Spring time is always lovely here, the weather is so pleasant.

Last year, I became a pool member  and my employer payed my membership since my patient staying there the whole summer days. Unfortunately, my swimming ideas are so poor so I couldn't swim like those youngster or even children who swam very good. The daughter of Sarah told me if I am willing to learn then they will hire a coach for me  and they will pay over. It was a pleasure for me to accept the offer.

So, I learned how to swim last year. My first lesson was so great as I remembered. My coach , Dianna , was kind and very supportive with me. It was July, and even was extremely hot and I was worried I become tanner/darker LOL. I never take noticed the heat of the sun because I want to know the right movement and the right breathing in swimming. Yes, I have ideas but to do the right thing wasn't enough. I discovered that we could possibly breath under water. Just relax and feel confident. Actually, I had one lesson only. I didn't ask the coach to come again the next day, hindi siya masyado nagkapera sa akin hehehe..I realized that I need practice only and as we all know practice makes perfect.

I remember when I was a young girl my father used to teach me how to swim and I always frightened to drown. It wasn't my priority especially I was a working student and I don't have time for it. Now, I realized that it is also a big help. It was my great achievement last year and it made me smile when I think the saying" It's always nice to know everything but not to have to do anything"

To those who wants to learn on swimming I can give you some tips.

First you understand how breathing works and how it's related to every move you make in the water.

How could you think about anything else first? Next, you relax a bit because you understand breathing, and your relaxed body will learn basic swim strokes.
Throughout all this, to repeat – you won't worry so much about breathing because you already understand how to get your air.

If you know those basic's ideas , surely you will know how to swim. How you breath is related to every move you make in the water..



except a decent pool, you will need some equipments:
a suits
a cap for for long hair
a google
and a towel
a sunscreen lotion (protection from the sun) if your swimming outdoor.
a rubber sandal for shower and poolside. (im only using plastic sandals)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Learned from Lies

Post from my Friendster Blogs
grrrr!!!! cold and freezing

yesterday, i was setting alone in the balcony while watching the halestorm outside drops from above.. Thanks GOD, Israel needs rain badly. It was a stormy weather, like the storm I’ve been through in my life. I don’t want to look back the past experiences in my life but yesterday while setting and watching the waves of the sea, I remembered this words from a friend of mine
(bakakon baya na siya in English means she is a liar?) Upsetting, isn’t it? Even she told it to me personally and even I knew once in my life I did lied. What is a sad things? Nadinig ko uli , she did say it again to another friend of ours that I’m a liar. I’ll just keep quiet then.. and I asked myself. Where I liead? Whose those people that I lied??? Am I a liar?? Ok!!! I’ll say that I did it before for a big reason.I lied myself, my family , and my friends. But that lies thought me a lesson. I became strong and a better person, much better than I was. Mabait ako kahit noon pa!!! I learned from it and I promise to myself never to do it anymore. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!!!
I gain back the trust of my family and some of my friends who believe that I was just a victim of circumtances. I was just an innocent girl, and can be persuaded. I was so lucky to correct those mistakes. Not to late to be, Thata again :):):),to walk in a crowd of people with head on the top, and chin up because all I knew I never lied myself anymore.
I thank those friends around me, who helped and believed me to overcome the pain and the heartaches I felt before. It’s a very wonderful feelig being honest and true to myself. Walang tinatago, walang sekreto sa buhay. But I need to hide hahaha!!!!TNT just kidding!

Monday, April 12, 2010

on my birthday blast

Last year, I just had simple wish for my birthday and one of those wishes was, " I wish I can go out, can unwind and can go dancing"

It was a wish come true. Friday night I went out with two of my closet friends. My cousin and my friend. We went for dinner first with my one of my friend boyfriend and also was our driver LOL.. He own a car , so we don't need to hire a taxi. In a restaurant, after our dinner. They gave me a little cake with a blast of sparkler and sung a happy birthday together with the waitresses. It was so delightful and sweet.

The next trip, we went to the Pub, and it happened Idan (boyfriend of my friend Iren) knew the manager of the Pub and also it was the birthday of the mother of the manager and happened she was there also celebrating a blast of her birthday. It was really cool, we were free of drinks. It was a grand opening of the Pub as well, and its huge and fabulous disco pub house with a lot of people. We were so lucky we sat in VIP area of the Pub. 

When I went home together with my cousin, I saw three birthday cards in the table. I opened the card and there was money clip on it. It was from my previous employer, Sarah and from Sarah's daugther and son in-law.

Though my family wasn't there to spend my birthday but I was still blessed to have friends and people who love and care about me. I received a lot of greetings on my Facebook, and through emails. The thought of being remembered means a lot to me. And I thank everyone who sent greetings and wishes on the day of my birthday. I really enjoyed also spending time with two of my closed friends. At last the three of us spent time together. And they made my day and night complete. 

Thank you everyone who remember me god bless you all ..:)

Here are some of the photos:

 At the Disco Pub and Bar
 Go,go, go dancing with the mother of the manager of the Pub, Stella
 Just at the bar
 At Cezar Restaurant
 Savor her moment LOL
A wish come true Hahahaha!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Saturday 9: Have I told you lately that I Love You!

This week meme! Have I Told You Lately That I Love You

1. When was the last time (in a romantic setting) you have told someone that you loved them?

          -Oh, just today!on the phone..LDR relationship
2. Tell us about your very first romantic kiss.

          - I can't remember
3. What was/is your idea of the perfect date?

          - A candle light dinner in a restaurant along the beach
4. What music would you prefer when you are “getting it on”?
         - I like the vedio he sent me tittled "My Heart Belongs to You" by Jim Brickman
5. What is the most amazing experience you’ve ever shared with a partner?
         - Since we are in LDR, we shared most our time on messenger but I know there is more than that to come.
6. Sex is best saved for: love, marriage, alcohol, days that end in “y”?
         - So far, I don't know yet. I just don't want to end the day's when I'm with him.

7. Have you ever kissed a stranger?
         - No
8. What's missing from your life?
         - A partner who can give me the satisfaction I want in my life.
9. Are you a giver or taker?

        - I usually giver but they take advantage. I want to be both. 

A TUT Adventure Birthday Wish

Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,
Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu,
Happy Birrrrthday Dear Issa,
Happy Birrrrthday to Youuuu!

A few years back, not so long ago, heaven and earth erupted into a major celebration with the news of your impending adventure into this very time and space. You see, someone like Issa Dalhog doesn't come along all that often. In fact, there's never been a single one like you, nor is there ever ANY possibility that another will come again. You're an Angel among us. Someone, whose eyes see what no others will EVER see, whose ears hear what no others will EVER hear, and whose perspective and feelings will NEVER, ever be duplicated. Without YOU, the Universe, and ALL THAT IS, would be sadly less than it is.

Quite simply:

You're the kind of person, Issa,
Who's hard to forget,
A one-in-a-million
To the people you've met.
Your friends are as varied
As the places you go,
And they all want to tell you
In case you don't know:
That you make a big difference
In the lives that you touch,
By taking so little
And giving so much!

Issa, you are so AWESOME! For your birthday, friends and angels from every corner of the Universe, including buddies you didn't know you had, will be with you to wish you the HAPPIEST of days and an exciting new year in time and space. You won't be alone!


PS - Issa, this is going to be YOUR year!!

© TUT ® 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

on my birthday request


Do you know what I meant to say? It means, what I really like you to do if you are my friends, my follower, my soon to be a follower, chatter, co-blogger, social friends just leave a comment and tell me something about you. How do you find me? What is your idea about wedding or marriage and give me a suggestion about wedding songs..and do you believe your life is like a cup of coffe? sometimes better and sometimes sweet.. :)

so go aheaddddddddd...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

GT-Fave Junk Food

Though I am not really keen with junk foods but I love french fries with ice cream. Oh, I love it, I remember the time when I was working as a crew in Jollibee, when we finish our night shift, we used to go McDonald, LOL.(Jollibee crew went to mcdo) and I order french fries and ice cream.
And since I'm here I rarely eat this stuff, otherwise I have to make my own french fries and buy ice cream from ice cream bar.  And just lately,before I go to the pool with my patient I am always fond of eating this cadburry chocolate and nuts chocolate. Hehehe!!!Oh, NO,NO I have to watch my weight .I rather give it to my cousin ...

Monday, April 5, 2010

on sarah's favorite topic...

Sarah  is a part of my routine, she is a big impact of my life, my inspiration my friend, my best friend and a grand mother to me. Before I continue with her favorite topic, let me introduce her first.

Sarah, is my 91 years old patient. She not a senile, she can able to understand everything , to talk, to walk etc.. She is still the boss of her own. She was married for 67 1/2 years with a loving, good provider, a good businessman and a doctor by profession. Blessed with two children and they were very happy together and their life revolve only around them until he died last year. So sad but I think its better rather than to suffer.

As I carry on Sarah's favorite topic,is her MOTHER. She was her best friend..She adored, she loved and she cannot see anything wrong with her mother. No days, that she cannot mention her, how kind she was to her. How beautiful her mother was? How a good wife to her father? She said they will not make anymore exactly like her. She was a wonderful mother,nothing is best for her children. Whenever Sarah thank her mother, the only reply she got. " I hope you have so much pleasure in receiving my gifts as much I have pleasure in giving it to you" Isn't it lovely?  She said she traveled all night to save a few pounds just to send her to an expensive boarding school. Was very sad for Sarah that her mother died at 62 years old, she was young compared of today's people age. For Sarah, she had a wonderful relationship with her mother and her memories is too fresh in her taught and heart and beautiful to be remembered.

I love my mother also but I don't have such relationship what Sarah had with her mother. I was  away  from home for a long time. I don't even know now how she look like. Though I've seen here through messenger but not the same when I see her in person. All I know her voice never change and I know here in my heart that if somebody touches or hurt her, I could kill them. My mother is a strong woman though she always failed of what she started but still she never give up. I am proud to have a mother like and I owe my life from my mother. Without her I'm not a better person though experience taught me a lot of lesson in life.

I believe mother gives unconditional love to her children. Even we tried their patience, we ignored their advices, we may  hurt or saddened them. Even how bad we are to them. They don't stop loving us. Infact they help us get up and going again. They sacrifice us since the day we were born.

Sarah and I having a glass of wine

Sunday, April 4, 2010

on my own faith and my church

Throughout the years, I met different people, different faith, church and religion. Some are trying to confuse my faith but I am blessed where I belong and believe my strong faith with Jesus.

For seven years abroad ,I rarely go to church and  I'm living in a Jewish way of life, participating their religious holidays but I feel strongly connected with my faith. I realized that if you have a strong faith of what you believe nobody can break it.

In my existence in this world I understand and believe that Church is a symbol of our faith. A home where we can listen the word of GOD, where we can understand what the message meant for us. Going to Church makes me feel good. I'm not a religious Catholic who recite the Angelus Prayer every 6 o'clock or recite the rosary everyday but  the most important thing for me going to Church is the HOLY EUCHARIST. We join with Jesus through the blessed sacrament of the Eucharist. We remain in him, and he in us. Jesus speaks of his flesh and blood, but many cannot comprehend what he means. We are too caught up in the worldly meaning of "flesh and blood" to understand that his real presence in the Eucharist is glorious. Real food to strengthen us on our journey. So many people today can't seem to grasp this. I'm thankful with my father to explain all this to me when I had my first communion.

Measuring my faith with him is not like preaching his words, joining bible studies, quoting bible verses, reciting holy rosary everyday. Though it helps a lot to live spiritually. For me, is a cool assurance that I have a relationship with GOD. I believe, he is there for me always guiding me through life as I go along. I know, he is someone I can talk to about anything, anytime and anywhere and I know he know what inside my heart..  

At the end, I want to continue my life with Jesus stayed in my heart.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

on life as a breadwinner

I was 13 years old when I left home away from my parents because they could not afford to send me to high school. We are 6 siblings of the family and I am the second child. A kind hearted family took me to the City, I worked with them as an assistant secretary for their canned/frozen business and I was studying at the same time in the afternoon. 

When I finished on my first year in high school , my mother asked me a favor to stop schooling because she wanted me to help my elder sister to pay for her tuition fees(she was in the private school and I was a working student. Because I pitied for my mother, so, I stopped schooling and since then the family where I worked with gave me a monthly salary. Actually, they didn’t agree with my decision but they cannot do anything about it. I stopped for a year and helped my parents. I used to give my money to my mother when she came to the City every end of the month. Then, I went back to school but I was working as a fish vendor in a big supermarket in Bankerohan. (My mother’s nephew has a stall). I woke up 4 o’clock in the morning until 12 o’clock in the afternoon because I need to be in school at 1 o’clock PM. A lady in the market asked me if I could tutor her 5 yrs old son, so she hired me. It was very convenient to me too because it was nearby my school. However after a few months, a tragedy happened. Her brother got a motor accident and died. She needs to go back to her province to look after her parents business as well as the health of her parents. I have nowhere to go at those times. Either to go back in my hometown or just stay there in the City. I preferred to stay in the City and finish my high school there. 

So, since my sister stayed in the boarding house, I asked my mother if I could stay as well. I stayed there and a few months the nephew of my father asked me to work with their gambling business. I went out in the middle of the night just to collect the money of their agents. It was a very dangerous job. Somebody could stab or rape me if they know that I'm carrying plenty of money. Sometimes I hided it somewhere in my lingerie's….Anyhow, I survived and still alive now. 

One day the niece of my father, asked me to stay with them and help her with the business .  (gambling, lending). Because I was paying the rent of my boarding house and buy my own food. I accepted the offer to save even a little bit of money and also for my safety.  I don’t need to go out for collection anymore. I was with them for about six years more or less… I had to do all household work and I got only 300PHP for 2 years. Nevertheless I never complaint because I’m free; free food and a house to stay in. When I finished high school, I thought I couldn’t get into collage. Another niece of my father worked in an appliance center as a Sale Supervisor; she hired me as her private secretary, to assist all her agents and customer. It was a very good experienced at my young age. I got an opportunity to enrolled collage, had afternoon class but I still work where I stayed. I have to wake up very early in the morning; cook the breakfast and prepare everything for the children before I go to my secretarial job at 8 0'Clock in the morning.  Go to school in the afternoon and went home in the evening and soak the laundry. Ang hirap nga noon, wala nman washing machine , so mag handwashed ako. I worked hard para libre lang ako bahay at pagkain. I didn’t get any allowances from them after those 2 years. I was working for free because I ate the food, I used water and electricity and I had a bed to sleep…. I cried sometimes, at my young age I experienced such sacrificed because my parents cannot afford to send me in school…
I worked in a food chain after I left my secretarial job because she was very ill and she can’t reach the sales quota of the company. I enjoyed so much working at the food chain (Jollibee, Texas chicken, MacDonald). Working, studying at the same time doing household work where I stayed. It was really difficult. But I have patience to survive. Unfortunately in the middle of my college studies I had to stop again due to the health of my sister. Her medication was very expensive. I have again to sacrifice my study and after a year my mother got an operation. My father is weak of problems and since my mother was ill at those times I should be strong because my sister wasn’t well enough… I didn’t know where to run for the money. Luckily, my co-crew lent me some money for the operation of my mother.

As my teenage life, I couldn’t remember that I had a lovely time like any other teenagers. I worked hard for myself and for my family honestly….I finished my degree and right after I found a job but because I want to help my brother and sister to go university/collages, I left my job and went abroad..The time I’m here my first priority is my family. I work here to give them a better life..It is a great happiness to me that they are happy for the money send to them. A simple thank you that I could hear from them is very flattering…but sometimes I want to give up. How could I chase from it??? Is it really my obligation which the fact I still got a parent. Is it really the sense of obligation that cannot be neglected for personal pursuits???? What is it???Do I need to consider them in every decision I make???What about me??? Until when? Why me??? Why they cannot ask from my other sisters, why I carry the burden all the time??? I don’t have an answer of those questions. Is it a right decision to get married and left the responsibility and obligation I have now? Help me God…

on who I am now (04-11-09)

This post I took from my friendster blogs. I didn't updates my  blog there so I decided to transfer some of my post here.

This post was written last year just one day after my 31st birthday. April 11, 2009

“Everyone says ‘Don’t look down,’ but I did look down,
at where I’ve been, how far I’ve come, how high I’ve climbed.
Where I thought I’d made a single trail in the snow, I’ve made a thousand,
blighted by debris, the bits of me I’ve left behind.”
When I read this specific words, it was one of those moments where I realized I've just read the exact thing I want to write or to say. It so perfectly describe what I've been feeling lately. And, really, isn’t that how everyone should look after their lives. whether you’re twenty five, thirty or thirty one? Realizing that you haven't walked life that far unseen or unimportant?It is absolutely true, no matter how boring or average your life may seem at any given moment.
Twenty four years ago, I give up my so called career but life  change. I don’t know if it’s for the better. Before as I understood about life was very shallow. Though i’ve been a lot of hardships and sacrifices. Though i’ve meet people whom I thought they  we’re friends and they could help me. INFACT, they we’re those persons who push me down.
When i remember those days’ I wanted to smile and cry at the same time, actually I did hehehe!!! para nga akong baliw eh!!! Hindi ko alam kung until now they are still there following the stories of my life..wahahahaha!!! Di nman ako famous!!!Actually, I just mentioned it. It is always my moments when I felt sad and upset. Always looking back where I've been is part of me. And those times are my stepping stone of what I am now.
Being a tough and a strong willed girl is my achievement. I won’t put any nonsense things. And, I think I grown in the last 6 years or so and although I'm quiet proud is some respects. I’m also dissapointed in myself too, im not the worst person I know but I guess I’ve change an age where i actually have things, i’d go back and change if I had a chance and I don't think I like that very much.
Anyway, slip back into memories of when I was working hard at my very young age, not really sheltered with my parents. The fact that at the age of thirteen i wasn’t with my parents. I lived very far from them. I became independent and stand my own ways. And I made few mistakes along my way. But there are certainly decisions I wish I could change, stupid things i’ve done where doing the right thing should have been the easier choice. But somehow, I have my own reasons.
NOW, I'm here, and here’s the things, my employer told me I’m very hard on my self. I’m very ohhhhh that was she says, :):):) a determine young lady. Kung dati i can’t wear a 1 piece swimsuit and walk to the crowd of people in the beach now, i could do it. hehehe!!! I gain more self confident. As I knew I always a quiet and shy girl but now I could tell everybody what I want to say. But I am diplomatic, I know when and where I should say it.
A month ago, my sister opened a small dress shop with my help. And doing quiet well. Yesterday, I received a message from my sister in America that she passed the RN exam there in California. Was a lovely birthday gift for me. Though my family wasn’t with me on friday (April 10) but I had a lovely dinner with cousin and Sarah. My previous employer sent their warm wishes for me on my birthday and sent me some present. I’ve been part of that family and ’till now I’m still with their hearts. And for me they are always remembered.
Thirty one years and lived as a single I enjoyed it very much. Though I have plans settling down but there are still unfinish project that I promise to render it for my self.
My birthday was over and I made up some few decisions. I will go home, maybe back to school and study nursing if my sister will help me. And I promise I will more positive about the world around me. I will give my self a credit for all I have accomplished even it’s only small thing and more credit of all i presently doing. May GOD help me….

I am who I am 

Saturday 9: Hurts so Good

Welcome to Saturday: 9. What we've committed to our readers is that we will post 9 questions every Saturday. Sometimes the post will have a theme, and at other times the questions will be totally unrelated. Those weeks we do "random questions," so-to-speak. We encourage you to visit other participants posts and leave a comment. Because we don't have any rules, it is your choice. We hate rules. We love memes, however, and here is today's meme!
Saturday 9: Hurts So Good
1. Tell us about the last time you really got hurt.
         -  I was betrayed by the person whom I love most but I get over it and learn how to forgive and forget.

2. What's your oldest possession?
         - An old clock that my previous 101 patient gave it to me.

3. Do you have any phobias?
        - The sea , I'm always afraid going farther in the deep.

4. What values did your parents instill in you?
        - Don't talk when your mouth is full.

5. What are your plans for Easter?
        - No plans since I'm working in Jewish Country.

6. I like sun more than snow.
        - I like snow...

7. Tell us about 3 fads from your teenage years.
        - Acid washed Jeans, Friendship bracelets, cut off jeans shorts

8. Tell us what is the most important attribute in a lover.
       - Being thoughtful, honest, caring and kind.

9. What new piece of technology have you resisted buying and what would it take for you to change your mind?
     - Since I was spending too much on telephone bills for calling home that change my mind to buy a laptop. And now it save a lot.

Hello I'm Back

Hello my dear readers and fellow bloggers. How you doin' guys? It's been a long time that I haven't visited here or give a chanc...