Thursday, April 22, 2010

GT-Buffet Time

It's GT again and this week theme is what food do I pick first on a buffet table? Hmmm! Hehehe!

When I went last year for a vacation and the hotel displayed a lot of foods in a buffet table. As an oderves or appetizers, which is very common here in Israel, I choose first like a grilled salmon with lemon or mayonaise and green salads! However, I really like seafoods, like lobsters and shrimp. These kind of food , I cannot see on a buffet table here because Israel cannot  eat  fish without fins. It's forbidden for Jewish Religion. 


Lady Patchy said...

ang sarap ng salmon.yan ang palagi kong inoorder dito whenever me and hubby go on a date .syempre with rice. my meal is not complete without the famous rice.

charmie said...

hahaha.. hindi kasi uso rice nila sa buffet .. of course kung sa mga restaurant na mag order, mag order ako kanin..hehehe!!!

Lady Patchy said...

kaya nga si hubby palagi akong niloloko ng "RICE ,RICE ,RICE"

sagot ko naman "├┐ou ,taters ,taters ,taters".

charmie said...

hahaha.. kakatuwa naman:)

niko said...

waaaaaah i dont eat salmon on a salad.. i only eat macaroni salad wit only mayo on it.. am not into veggies too.. i know i dont have a life noh? lol hahahaah
thanks for joining GT ganda ha! am sorry for the late visit, I just got back from a very watery weekend ^_^

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