Thursday, April 15, 2010

GT-Food Hopping

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The theme for this week is all about most expensive food, we ever had.

I came to the point that expensive food depends to the place where you eat. Some of this food are very delightful and beautiful to look at but when you taste it , it is not your taste at all.

Since I didn't go out more often I invite my cousin to come over every twice a month and we treat ourselves to eat in a posh restaurant. We explore from one restaurant to another every other week. I am always being lucky to  have 50$ extra from the daughter of my patient every time we went out.

 Usually we ended to eat to our favorite restaurant, the "Collins Kitchen and Bar Restaurant" We love their food though expensive but it is worthy to spend such money. As long I enjoyed it I wouldn't mind. I know when I'll be home I can't  have this luxury. Things will be change, so while I'm here I enjoy my life to the fullest. I'm happy being pampered.

Lamb Chop @ Soho Restaurant for 98nis equivalent to 26$

Sushi @ River Restaurant  @ 20$
Collins Special Steak and Sea Food Mix @ almost 100$ per serve
Banana Split @ Max Brenner Restaurant @ 15$ per serve
Fruit Salad with ice cream @ Taipei @ 10 per serve

Appetizer @ Taipei

As I said earlier food prices vary what restaurant you eat and how posh they are. The serving in Taipei Restaurant is great, which two people can have in one serving. The price is not expensive and the food is not bad at all.  Some restaurant that I mention above is really expensive which the fact I could buy a whole chicken here for about 4$ per kilo. I can buy a shawarma for about 2 $.

I never realized that collecting food shot for remembrance is a great help. This is part of my addiction in photographs.


Mommy Liz said...

Wow, great collection of food, now you had posted it on your entry. all the food you posted seemed really good, worth the price.

Cecile said...

wow, lamb chop! favorite ko yan...sarap lalo na pag keban yan :-)...mahal talaga pag lamb ang order mo...kasi masarap at malasa....yummy amg mga order nyo, kakagutom naman :-)

rossel said...

kakagutom naman. steak and seafoods are always top of the list of expensive foods.

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Vernz said...

Wow, ito talaga ang food trip.... that's a heap talaga! di bale mahal... yumm!

My most expensive soup

kayeshayne said...

wow grabe! ito nga talaga ang food trip! never mind the price basta't masarap naman yung order. lol!

niko said...

oh my!!! puro mahal at ang sasarap ng pictures mo.. bigla ako nagutom ganda hihih

thanks for joining Gt ha!!

happy weekend ganda..

Artsy Niko
Niko's Home

Peach360 said...

OMG! I can tell just by looking at your pics that they're indeed expensive!

And quite frankly, I love those foods! From the lamb chops, steaks down to the desserts! Nomnom!

By the way, here's mine:

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