Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Relax and Swim

Though its not yet summer here but the pool is open already for the people who are residents in the complex. Spring time is always lovely here, the weather is so pleasant.

Last year, I became a pool member  and my employer payed my membership since my patient staying there the whole summer days. Unfortunately, my swimming ideas are so poor so I couldn't swim like those youngster or even children who swam very good. The daughter of Sarah told me if I am willing to learn then they will hire a coach for me  and they will pay over. It was a pleasure for me to accept the offer.

So, I learned how to swim last year. My first lesson was so great as I remembered. My coach , Dianna , was kind and very supportive with me. It was July, and even was extremely hot and I was worried I become tanner/darker LOL. I never take noticed the heat of the sun because I want to know the right movement and the right breathing in swimming. Yes, I have ideas but to do the right thing wasn't enough. I discovered that we could possibly breath under water. Just relax and feel confident. Actually, I had one lesson only. I didn't ask the coach to come again the next day, hindi siya masyado nagkapera sa akin hehehe..I realized that I need practice only and as we all know practice makes perfect.

I remember when I was a young girl my father used to teach me how to swim and I always frightened to drown. It wasn't my priority especially I was a working student and I don't have time for it. Now, I realized that it is also a big help. It was my great achievement last year and it made me smile when I think the saying" It's always nice to know everything but not to have to do anything"

To those who wants to learn on swimming I can give you some tips.

First you understand how breathing works and how it's related to every move you make in the water.

How could you think about anything else first? Next, you relax a bit because you understand breathing, and your relaxed body will learn basic swim strokes.
Throughout all this, to repeat – you won't worry so much about breathing because you already understand how to get your air.

If you know those basic's ideas , surely you will know how to swim. How you breath is related to every move you make in the water..



except a decent pool, you will need some equipments:
a suits
a cap for for long hair
a google
and a towel
a sunscreen lotion (protection from the sun) if your swimming outdoor.
a rubber sandal for shower and poolside. (im only using plastic sandals)

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Carmen Araneta said...

Hi Issa, thanks for dropping by my blog. It is always good to know how to swim, not only for enjoyment but also for your safety. You can go anywhere, even over water, without fear of drowning.

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