Sunday, April 18, 2010

on believing myself

I  think that is so crazy insane how we can get caught out in  life that we forget the foundation of the things that make us who we are. I'm not a writer nor born to be a writer I just love to take notes whatever I think and feel. Back few years ago,   I used to write down all of the things that I know to be true for myself and for life in general... When I sorting out my things today, I stumbled across my notes and saw the list.

This is the notes that I found  today!

1. I've come to realize I try to hard to hold on the things I should let go.
2. I've found a million things in myself that I never thought Its possible to happen.
3. I realize that no mater how much you love someone that doesn't mean they will ever love you back .
4. I can see now that there are no rewards without risk.
5. I know that things have to hurt bad before they ever get better.
6. I've come to realize that no matter how hard I try nothing i ever 100 percent cetain.
7. I've come to realize that friends only come and goes and its how you make the time that matters.
8. I can see that a family , is a family after all what you have done to them.
9. I can see that I have given an opportunity in this life and I shouldn't  take it for granted.
10. I've come to realize that pain is the foundation of beautiful things that has yet to come.
11. I believe that everybody has given an opportunity to forget and forgive and correct their mistakes and move on in life.
12. I know that love is the greatest thing in the world and hearbreak is worst to bare.
13. I believe when GOD closes the door he may not open another right away but he always leave a window for us  to crawl out.
14. I've realize that to grow is a learning process.
15. I've come to the conclusion that life is truly about the journey not the destination.
16. I believe that determination is the key for everything.
17. Life is often a risk, take changes, and if you are not happy , fix it until who you've  become and who you are.

After reading this list, I don't know if I lost the part of me who had self confidence and faith in myself.  Definitely that girl is not lost but I want to find her again not of who she was but to be better and be better and better!

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ME said...

wow... very great post sister... I can relate to that.. coz almost in all that position especially about the family.. after all they are there whatever bad decision i made.. I take them for granted for my own happines and when I fall they are still there for me... We need to change and be a better person.... God Bless You sis..

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