Saturday, April 17, 2010

Notes from my diary ..January 23, 2003

I just wonder why it happen to me? Is this my fate? Lord, please guide me the right way!

* There are those who were mislead into believing that a relationship was right and there are those who were knew that was a sin right from the beginning but may of us even after knowing were going the wrong way still. They choose to take the chance and persitently stay on that road, even if we know of the danger that lurks in its path. 

GOD, always put a"red stop light" along our journey to remind us that we are going to hurt ourselves if we use stubbornly stop on the gas and move on. But he doesn't put a physical barrier to keep us in place. In the end, it is still our choice base on our own free will to stop what is wrong and move on with what is right . 

* You choose not to become part of it not because it was your heart wanted you to do but because it was what your conscience was telling you, girl. I'm glad you looked at GOD stop light and step on the brakes. *

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ME said...

sometimes many things happened to us that resulted in questioning HIM why? but in the end we will realized that it's God way to mold our character to be a better person and to more closer to HIM...God bless you sister...

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