Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 62nd Independence Israel

The declaration of statehood unified the Jewish people, all over the world. This statehood helps them win the war of Independence and establish the State of Israel.

Last night, Jewish people gathered together again in Tel-Aviv Museum where the first declaration took place. To welcome their 62nd Independence, fireworks explode in each City of Israel, Israeli people wave their National flag while dancing in the street. I can see their unity together, I can feel how happy they were celebrating their Independence especially those people who suffered from Holocaust and their beloved ones died just to fought the war.

One of the trend of this holiday is "barbecue picnic." Everybody can go out and drive without restriction specially to those religious people.

 I was invited for barbecue picnic today, with Sarah and Anne (Sarah daughter)and David(son-inlaw). We went to a beautiful country where Anne's friend live. She does it every year and she always made it lovely. We all had Israeli and English salads for our oderves or appetizers and a grilled salmon fish fresh from the fire. For our dessert , we can choose chocolate moose, a triffle, lemon moose, fresh fruits salads.  It was a really lovely afternoon. We enjoyed it a lot and I learned from them good things in life.. LOL.. I had 2 glasses of gin and tonic that made me tired and a bit tipsy. Lucky I can still write it here.

I was sorry, I forgot my camera!

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