Sunday, April 4, 2010

on my own faith and my church

Throughout the years, I met different people, different faith, church and religion. Some are trying to confuse my faith but I am blessed where I belong and believe my strong faith with Jesus.

For seven years abroad ,I rarely go to church and  I'm living in a Jewish way of life, participating their religious holidays but I feel strongly connected with my faith. I realized that if you have a strong faith of what you believe nobody can break it.

In my existence in this world I understand and believe that Church is a symbol of our faith. A home where we can listen the word of GOD, where we can understand what the message meant for us. Going to Church makes me feel good. I'm not a religious Catholic who recite the Angelus Prayer every 6 o'clock or recite the rosary everyday but  the most important thing for me going to Church is the HOLY EUCHARIST. We join with Jesus through the blessed sacrament of the Eucharist. We remain in him, and he in us. Jesus speaks of his flesh and blood, but many cannot comprehend what he means. We are too caught up in the worldly meaning of "flesh and blood" to understand that his real presence in the Eucharist is glorious. Real food to strengthen us on our journey. So many people today can't seem to grasp this. I'm thankful with my father to explain all this to me when I had my first communion.

Measuring my faith with him is not like preaching his words, joining bible studies, quoting bible verses, reciting holy rosary everyday. Though it helps a lot to live spiritually. For me, is a cool assurance that I have a relationship with GOD. I believe, he is there for me always guiding me through life as I go along. I know, he is someone I can talk to about anything, anytime and anywhere and I know he know what inside my heart..  

At the end, I want to continue my life with Jesus stayed in my heart.


Momi Jes said...

hi sis! tnks for dropping by..
good for you at masaya ka sa kung anu man ang paniniwala mo...masaya nmn tlga ang may relationship sa God...yan ang proof...msaya i know the feeling...
khit bata ako noon, ako nmn naiintndhan ko nmn kung anu ang pinag aaralan ko hanggang ngyun nung bata ako....nung lumaki na ko saka na ko na confuse =(
nweis ngyun naman pinili kong maging mas malapit sa Dios at ilapit ang mga ank ko sa knila....=)

Lucia ♥ said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my entry <3 I do admire you for being able to believe in yourself and your faith this much! I don't know many people like that, which makes you even more special :)

Miranda said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving your comment :)

I agree with you - real faith is not measured only by the things we do. We don't "have to" do those things, but we come to a point when we love to do them because we see how helpful it is to our spirits.

nuts said...

thanks for the visit!

I know, he is someone I can talk to about anything, anytime and anywhere and I know he know what inside my heart.. <-- you're right! love your quote!

K said...

having a personal relationship with God, i think, is much, much more important than belonging in a religion and doing all the religious activities that your choice of congregation requires. :)

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