Saturday, March 14, 2009

A new shop name ISADORA

After 6 years of working here, I always worried about going back home. Worried that I couldn't get any job, worried that I don't have enough savings for myself, worried about how could I help my parents, my brothers, and my sister. I know it's not my obligation but I cannot bear not to help them.

After the death of my former employer , I accepted it but I was afraid of my situation because I could be an illegal worker. The thought of being an illegal worker frighthened me so much, I never dream working illegaly. But I don't have a choice if I want to save money before I'm going back home. Luckily, I found a very nice employer who's willing to take a risk even they have a permit to employ a legal worker.

Working with Sarah for 6 months I learned a lot from her about life. word of wisdom, a few Yeddish word. I knew how her parents started a business. How she lived a happy life with her husband. How her parents worked hard to improve the business.

When her husband was alive, he thought me an idea how to start a business. He told me that "if you want to make business work for somebody and gather information how they run the business and copy it" "don't waste your money for nonsense thing" He was the man of many ideas, a man of inspiration. Knowing him for a few months , his word of wisdom inspired me a lot and shared it to my family(parent,brothers, and sisters).

It was my youngest sister's idea to open a small botique. She sold her idea to me. She submitted information about the sales, about the marketing and everything what she had learned from her work. With the help of my little money and with and those inspired words and ideas of Sarah and her husband we opened a botique named after my birth name ISADORA.

Now, the shop is 1 month old. Everyday the sales are growing and I could say it doing well. I added more capital on it, to supply the demand of the customer. The more stocks i have, we could invite more people to buy and more sales as well. I hope my sister could manage the shop well. I'm not there to see what's happenning but as she submiited me a report every end of the day or sometimes every week. So that , I could monitor what's going on with sales.

I wish it's doing great... I am worried sometimes co'z i know im not ready to go back home yet. Maybe I will stay until the end of June this year. And I could help my sister managing the shop.

May G_D bless me!!!

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