Thursday, April 29, 2010

GT-Pigging Out

Yes, I was a bit confused with the word pigging out. I thought , the last time you eat pig ,hahaha!!!  But when I read the post of ganda Niko and browsing the  definition of pig-out. I fully understood what does it mean. By the way, in contrary with the meaning of pigging out. The last time I ate pig was 5 years ago.. Hehehe!!! I almost forgot now the taste of the lechon. We cannot buy pig meat here anywhere coz it's forbidden in the religion. Russian non-kosher shop sells pig meat but also limited. However, I have to obey the rules given by management.

Here I am again, want to share the GT-Meme for this week. The last time I pigging out was last week with my cousin Roze as usual. That was my treat  to her because she will go back home (Philippines) and I don't think I still have time to see her before she leave next week. I'm busy "daw".LOL!

We went to Japanika i Restaurant and oh, gosh! I almost spent 200$ that weekend night out. That includes drinks, the reason why the next morning,  I had a terrible headache.

Here are the photos of what we ate.

tempura with creamy sauce and a salad

Combination E Sushi and Seafoods and Vegetables Noodles

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My GT Entries for this April


Vernz said...

Now this is really a good reason to eat voraciously ... ang sarap!

joined GT too.

GT:I’ve Always been …

niko said...

wow!! $200 for a night out is sooo big amount of money already my dear!! hihih

pero mukang nag enjoy at super nabusog nmn kayo.. iihhii sali ako nxt time hahahaha lipad ako dyan! hahaha

about lechon.. naker talap lika dito kain tau!! hahhha

Artsy Niko
Niko's Home

tatess said...

ang sarap naman ng mga kinain mo.

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