Friday, April 30, 2010

on the things I miss

I miss waking up in the morning, busy preparing for my breakfast and for my lunch box for work. Wearing my work uniform like an executive, the smell of my wet hair from shower, the drawer that all my bit and pieces was there, the Winnie d pooh bed cover and pillows that I was comfortably hugging it and nobody can use that pillow because that was belong to me.

I miss the fresh air from the country where I grew up, the bayanihan with all the people know you and treated you that you're important , the fiestas that we could eat from one house to another LOL! , the Flores de Mayo, where the kids loves to attend. Preparing little basket of flowers and at the end a coronation who became a May flower of the night.

I miss the coffee of my mother LOL. Coffee out from corn rice and pure coffee, the SUMAN from my Aunt and the BIKO of my mother. The GINATAAN of my father, that he loves most whenever he made dinner for us. Waking up in the middle of the night to savour a fresh soup from sea foods ( crabs, shrimps, lobsters etc)when my father got home from fishing. The picnic in the middle of a coconut farm of my father.

I miss the familiar things. The things I knew that would always be there in my heart and my mind. In a typical child way, I guess, I never imagined things would ever be any different than they were. The daily laughter with my brothers and sisters, my childhood memories in the garden running and playing around with friends, the whistle of my father and what and how the way he disciplined us. A little presents from our parents when we A in school. A hug, a cry , a little soft voice when my mom talking with my father at night. The feeling that I am safe and comfortable.

These are the things that make me it hard to ever really grow up.

I love my childhood memories, with no worries,no problems. Although, I've learned a lot in life and I am proud of who I became now however there is still part of me feels like little girl. Maybe because I miss back home.


tatess said...

mukhang homesick ka ah!

charmie said...

hahaha homesick talaga

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