Monday, April 5, 2010

on sarah's favorite topic...

Sarah  is a part of my routine, she is a big impact of my life, my inspiration my friend, my best friend and a grand mother to me. Before I continue with her favorite topic, let me introduce her first.

Sarah, is my 91 years old patient. She not a senile, she can able to understand everything , to talk, to walk etc.. She is still the boss of her own. She was married for 67 1/2 years with a loving, good provider, a good businessman and a doctor by profession. Blessed with two children and they were very happy together and their life revolve only around them until he died last year. So sad but I think its better rather than to suffer.

As I carry on Sarah's favorite topic,is her MOTHER. She was her best friend..She adored, she loved and she cannot see anything wrong with her mother. No days, that she cannot mention her, how kind she was to her. How beautiful her mother was? How a good wife to her father? She said they will not make anymore exactly like her. She was a wonderful mother,nothing is best for her children. Whenever Sarah thank her mother, the only reply she got. " I hope you have so much pleasure in receiving my gifts as much I have pleasure in giving it to you" Isn't it lovely?  She said she traveled all night to save a few pounds just to send her to an expensive boarding school. Was very sad for Sarah that her mother died at 62 years old, she was young compared of today's people age. For Sarah, she had a wonderful relationship with her mother and her memories is too fresh in her taught and heart and beautiful to be remembered.

I love my mother also but I don't have such relationship what Sarah had with her mother. I was  away  from home for a long time. I don't even know now how she look like. Though I've seen here through messenger but not the same when I see her in person. All I know her voice never change and I know here in my heart that if somebody touches or hurt her, I could kill them. My mother is a strong woman though she always failed of what she started but still she never give up. I am proud to have a mother like and I owe my life from my mother. Without her I'm not a better person though experience taught me a lot of lesson in life.

I believe mother gives unconditional love to her children. Even we tried their patience, we ignored their advices, we may  hurt or saddened them. Even how bad we are to them. They don't stop loving us. Infact they help us get up and going again. They sacrifice us since the day we were born.

Sarah and I having a glass of wine

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