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Goose Pimples

I sat by the pool this morning with Sara, and was suddenly hit on my mind on how it is called when somebody got frightened or cold and their skin hair stand. Like a bumps appearing on the skin. Because I can't remember the term or the word, I asked Sara what it was, then she told me it is called goose pimples. I repeatedly asked , why it is called goose pimples? She don't even know the answer but she asked me to look the meaning in the computer.
Goose pimples appeared when we're cold or scared and our brain sends a message to tiny muscles under each of the small hairs on our skin. The muscles works to pull the hair straight up instead of lying on its side. It is also called goose bump that according to Wikipedia: 
Goose bumps, also called goose flesh, chill bumps, chicken skin, or the medical term cutis anserina, are the bumps on a person's skin at the base of the body hairs which may involuntarily develop when a person is cold or experience strong emotions such as fear…

Satisfying my Insanity

A month ago I admired some stuff from Kurdapyaz Collection. Seems there is no wedges, stilettos, shoulder bag etc. here in Israel. And to satisfy my insanity , I was tempted to order. When the stuff arrived last week, I went quickly to the post office to claim the stuff.  I was shocked when the postman asked me to pay 160 NIS. equivalent to 42 US dollars for a tax. Gosh, it is one pair of shoe here!  Well, it was an experienced. In fairness of Sheila the author of Kurdapya Meets World and the owner of Kurdapyaz Collection. The stuff is so cute and lovely. So, no regret even I paid $42 extra. It wasn't her fault though.
Meet the lovely and cute stuff. You might order if you admire it too. ^-^

Join the Contest to Owned a Brand New Coach Satchel Bag

I was invited by Mom Conversations for her first ever contest in celebration of  her 6th wedding anniversary next month. If she get a huge response for this contest, this will be an open door for her monthly giveaways/ contest that she plan to hold. So, head on her blog more often, everybody will have a chance to win her fabulous prizes.
As a coaches or bag collector , I grab this opportunity to join and if I'm lucky I can own  this $ 300 worth brand new coach satchel bag. I love to have this bag!

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Quote it Saturday

We nourish our family, brothers and sisters, our children, our friends, but how seldom do we nourish their self-esteem? We provide them with roast beef, baked potatoes, rice,to build energy, but we neglect to give them kind words of appreciation that would sing in their memories for years like the music of the morning stars. I learned that the greatest assets I can possess , and the way to develop the best that is in the person is by appreciation and encouragement .

Nostalgia # 6 - My Story

Despite the hardships I experienced in  life at my young age , I never regret, In fact, I'm proud that I exceeded it all. And I'm happy for who I am now. My experienced thought  me to be brave and strong person. Gain confidence and lead me  closer to GOD. Though, there are unanswered questions and I didn't bother to find the answer yet.
For Nostalgia this week, This is my story : Read Here

GT-What's Inside my Bag

Featuring Girls Talk Theme this week - What's inside my Bag? I recently used this bag on my Baha'i Garden adventure last Sunday.

My cute small Kipling shoulder bag with 4 compartments inside
What's Inside 
Lipstick My Passport Tissue My Red Wallet Keys Hand Cream Ballpen Plaster Pressed Powder Sony Digital Camera Nurofen for Headache in case of emergency Sticker Notes

Buy a Blog Review for a Cause

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A hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. When a hernia is not repaired, it may become strangulated. When strangulation occurs, there is a danger that part of the intestine be caught in the hernia cutting off blood supply to the tissue. Also, when a bowel obstruction occurs, it leads to severe pain, vomiting, nausea and inability to have a bowel movement or pass gas. Although Hernia happen to boys mostly, girls can also experience it.

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On being vulnerable

I was stucked down on my bed due to a bad kick of ridiculous allergic rhinitis and vertigo. It isn't ironic that I feel thankful for being sick; I have an excuse to myself to lie down, be lazy and just get all the sleep I wanted.
 In this circumstances............

 " You're crying and hurting over a pitiful man who doesn't give a damn about a single drop of your tears. You wan to be weak, and you feel like it's the end of the world. No sympathy, Fine! Yet , you still got your choice. Don't let the man do the same over and over again"
I am vulnerable but it's all my fault.....or is it?
Is crying a sign of weakness or just human being allowing myself to breathe out the burden that I carry here in my chest.
Is stupidity to fall in love, try to patch up things again but at the end you failed and hurt.
I hope someone would sympathize or agree with me..
Right now, I just want to be in my bed. Done a little writing and try to weigh thing over.

Quote it Saturday

I just noticed that there are people who speak only the words from their mouth but not coming from their hearts. There are only two kinds people in this world , the good and the bad. The genuine and the hypocrites.

A Memory of War

Do you remember the time of Peoples Power Revolution? A mass street prayerful demonstrations that occurred in 1986? This Nostalgia shared to you happened a month before the Peoples Power Revolution know as the Edsa Revolution of today.
Yes, I certainly remembered those times because it was the time that our village was covered by military and NPA's (New Peoples Army) was hiding in the land of inhabitants people. They even put landmines and villagers were afraid. 
I was 7 years old and was playing in our garden with my sisters and brothers  when landmines cracked near our village and then we heard a series of explosion. We ran into the house and started crying and looking for our father where he is. When father arrived the series of blast never stop. We thank GOD at those time he was already home .Then we were called by our father to go under our house where he made a shelter (well) that we can able to hide. But my grandmother who was a bedridden was left upstairs and keep shouting …

My Wallet

I didn't know Girls Talk time again until I viewed Willa's  Fickle Minded Blog. I think I forgot what day is today because I'm not that feeling so well. I'm suffering from my Allergic Rhinitis and a vertigo that made me weak and feel sick and achy. And thank GOD, now, I feel a little bit better.

Back for this week meme of Niko's Girls Talk theme- What inside my wallet? . Here is mine, My two wallets and what inside. Well, I have nothing much to show inside my wallet. All I have are these:

Kipling - is the wallet that I used more often. As you can see, I got my ATM cards, medical health insurance card, discount cards, holy rosary little booklet and a little beaded rosary. Coins and Cash are included too of course,  that's the main things inside my wallet.
Lee Cooper -  I've got this wallet I think 5 years ago, These was the gift that I received from my "manito" on Christmas. Well, you might be noticed that I have the same content inside . The diffe…

Cut Cost in the Beauty Department

Last week, we knew how vain some  girls are? I admit , that I am vain "kikay" and justifying that,  I love beauty product collection, I love to experiment. Try until its perfect. I also wear makeup depends to the place where I go.
So, if you are an absolute beauty conscious, make up fanatic but find it expensive , there are ways to cut cost in the beauty department. 
1. Skip the expensive mani and pedi and DIY- All you need is a good taste and top coat a long lasting color , and a new nail file. I've noticed that old nail files do nothing but cause me to spend minutes filing the same nails with no results. So toss it up and pick up anew one at the drugstore. If you want to improve your-at-home experience, soak your hands in warm water and massage with a summer scented exfoliating scrub.
2. Ask for free bang trims - Most salons offer services in-between appointments at little or no cost at all. If you're a loyal customer, I'm sure your beautician will be mor…

Water is Beauty

Do you love drinking water? If not, then, start and make as a habit to drink 8 glasses of water everyday. Drinking a lot of water each and everyday helps to keep your beauty from fading. That's the secret.  Honestly, I personally find it difficult to drink 8 glasses of water throughout the day. I can prove that since I've made an effort to drink several glasses of water each day , it does not only helps me to feel better but it has improved the appearance of my skin. I feel and look much healthier. So now I'm a firm believer that water is beauty and do go hand in hand.   

On my great weekend

Sorry for my absence guys, I was busy with my cousin, stayed with me for 3 days and  2 nights. We're here in Israel but our work place is far from each other. Not really far for two hours travel. And after three and half years we bonded again. I had a great time with her. Fabulous weekend, though we never sleep the whole first night but it was worth the fun. Here are some captured moment together.

We usually called gatas at kape ^-^ (milk and coffee)



Nostalgia # 4They're Always Remembered

Working here in Israel is wonderful. I think this is the only country who give a lot of freedom for all overseas workers. Unfortunately, staying or working here is limited.

Anyhow, I enjoyed being here and  I meet this people that I can say they are my family away from home.  My Jewish Family  that has been part of my life.

She was always remembered, An amazing woman who thought me what is the value of family.  A family was very important for her. She had a wonderful relationship with her daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Being part of her family was a great treasure that I  can keep forever.I used to call her Grandma too.
She left me a wonderful friendship with them. These was when I was invited for a family party last year. But Grandma wasn't there anymore.

They were dancing the party here and I took a picture for remembrance.

 A family picnic this year and I was invited to be with them.. . I missed them a lot. Those time that we shared for Grandma's joyous and sa…

GT-Vanity Kit

Girl Talk Time.. Hmmm, Am I vain? Certainly, I am a girl. So judge me after you've seen what inside my vanity kit..

Careline Corrective Foundation, Jade Blush on, No7 Lipstick, Jade Eye Shadows, Avon Pressed Powder, Eye Curler, Water Proof Deep Eye Liner, No7 Eye Pencil, No7 Protect Hand Cream, No7 Mascara, No7 Eye Cream, No7 Beauty Serum Cream, Sharpener, Compete Set of Brushes and Make up Remover.

I usually take this kit when I'm out for a day with lipstick, eye pencil, pressed powder and and a brown and blue eye brows. Opps, I didn't include my No7 perfume.. 

What can you say? Obviously I love make ups! I've learned it here. From a young innocent girl when I was in the Philippine to a grown naive lady...LOL! I'll allow you to say anything girls...! What inside your vanity kit too?

Life Easier For Caregivers, Elderly or Disabled people

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Being a caregiver, I have to be tough and strong  in dealing with disabled people. It's not really easy. I should be careful  that my back will not crack specially when lifting them and at the same time I have to be extra careful to prevent injury to person I am taking care off.

In US and Canada I heard, caregivers make their work much easier with the help of NMEDA mobility equipment. NMEDA  is a non-profitable trade association, they educate consumers on buying products from their qualified dealer.

NMEDA is the only association that promotes safe driving and equipment for disabled people. They are non-profit and their members are required to adhere to the safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Furthermore, NMEDA mobility equipment is not only for caregivers but also for those disabled people who wants to live comfortably and independently like normal individual…

Is your writing important to you?

People don't feel the need to used good grammar and spelling online. We know that "brb", "lol"and "atm" are useful abbreviations when on Instant Messenger, but how about at school or the work place? Is your writing important to you?

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Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Have you read this book of John Gray? Yes, I had read it few years ago, my friend who is now in Canada let me borrowed the book. It is good for those who live currently or dating someone, or even you are about to break up with someone. I can recommend this book to read.
I love to read this , because there are so many things I could not understand about men, and so many things I used to feel as a woman, but doubted my sanity, and now I see that most of these things are intrinsic to us, it's just the way we think and process things.

I found myself laughing while reading this book, because I was relating to stuff that really happens in real life. It was happening to me too and I was miles away of getting on track again.

It is not easy to make things right, but in the end, if you really want to change things, you will make it, you have to start with you, correcting your mistakes, and forgetting your pride, cause it just gets in the way of your happiness.

Most of the problems …

Can I recommend garnier ?Yes!

I really had fun reading comments of GT-Theme this week. I think most girl uses pantene products and absolutely a pantene products indorser. I noticed also that garnier products is on the shower loot list. And some girl asked if garnier products is good. 
After trying several facial wash, I found garnier the best of everything. I used garnier pure 3in1 WASH, SCRUB+MASK. Why I used these? because it helps clear my blackheads and imperfections of my skin. Yes, blackheads is my number one enemy that stayed on and on in my face and really difficult to vanish but now with the help of garnier 3in1 I can have a smooth skin. These products helps to remove excess sebum, unclog pores and even skin tone for a purified skin. It can be used as wash, scrub, and a mask for a clearer skin appearance that's long lasting. 
Thus, for a over a month only and  I am very satisfy the result. Even for a week, you can see the difference of your face.It  is really good. Try it and you will be amazed the dif…

Never too busy to send messages

I always get upset when I tried so hard to communicate a friend far away from me and never get back anything. I can never emphasize enough how communication with them is still that important. 
When I came here in Israel, I used to write or send messages to one my of closet friend at work back in the Philippines. Before I left she promised me to keep in contact with me and so do I. Unfortunately, I'm the one who keep writing , sending post cards, christmas cards or even birthday cards but I haven't got any reply. I was however lucky if I can get  a simple text message in a year. When I found her profile in facebook , she acted like nothing happen at all. The fact I kept writing her for two years and I get tired. 
Now, I came to realized that a simple messages or letter still was not enough to sustain a friendship no matter how many good times or bad times you've shared in the past.  Nevertheless, regular communication with friends miles away from you or back home and sharing …

Nostalgia # 3 - Time goes so quickly

Sis Rose,of Nostalgic Marveling,  invited me before but I was reluctant because I thought I don't have any photograph to share with. The fact that my album was sent home in the Philippines. Anyhow, I came across to the album of my friend today in friendster and I found some old photograph of my friends when we were together.

Joan was one of my close friends when I landed Israel, I met her here and we became good friends. Time goes so quickly two years ago she left Israel to meet her internet boyfriend in Romania who became her husband now blessed with a little girl. 

They were my flatmates,we were like bees here, ran after the camera where it goes and gave a best shots.
Some of them became my best of friends, confidante and adviser. There were no such happiness of what we had. It was a great time,  yes it was great, seemingly, when we had a get together every week in our flat after a 24/6 work, looking after an elderly people. We dressed ourselves, had little fun, such as dancing,…

GT-What inside my shower loot?

I am happy and glad that Niko Girls Talk Meme is extended. And to thank for all the girls who joined she will be giving away a little token of appreciation and support worth $20 for the lucky one who can complete the four Thursday of June Theme.
And this GT-Theme of the week is to reveal what inside your shower loot? Well, its revealing time, weather I like it or not I should take photograph in my shower loot for my entry of this week theme.
Here what inside my shower loot:

Pantene Shampoo, Pantene Conditioner, Careline Hair Mask, Garnier Facial Wash, Hair Shaver, Crema Moisturizing Body Wash or I used more often Dove Moisturizing Cream Wash and Shower Loffa. 
Care to share what inside your shower loot?
then....  Click the Girls Talk Meme 

A strong woman vs A woman of strength

I was tagged this note from facebook and I thought I would like to share! I found it interesting.

A strong woman works out everyday to keep her body in shape?But a woman of strength builds relationships to keep her soul in shape

A strong woman isn't afraid of anything?But a woman of strength shows courage in the midst of fear.

A strong woman won't let anyone get the better of her? But a woman of strength gives the best of herself to everyone.

A strong woman makes mistakes and avoids the same in the future?A woman of strength realize  life's mistakes can also be unexpected blessings, and capabilities on them

A strong woman wears a look of confidence on her face? But a woman of strength wears grace.

A strong woman has faith that she is strong enough for the journey? But a woman of strength has faith that it is in the journey that she will become strong.
I do believe that I am a strong woman and have strength to do anything. What about you? Are you a strong woma…


What about Fashion Meme?

Absolutely obsess, loving myself. Hehehe! Because I have nothing to say at the moment or nothing to talk about. I came across to this fun fashion question and I thought I would love to forward to you beauty blogger.
1. What signature bag, you crave to have?  Whew! I crave to have an Original Louis Vitton Bag.  2. What beauty products you used?  Hmmm, A lot.. When I was in the Philippines I usually used AVON or Sara Lee Products.. Here in Israel, I think No7 or dead sea. That's the brand product I got in my dresser.
3. What brand of lingerie you used now? Time to reveal .. Triumph and Avon  bra and some nickers..But for everday, I used cheap one nickers.LOL!
4. What things you can't go out without ? Geeee, my phone I can't go out with out it.
5. What clothing you usually wear except jeans and t-shirt?  I love to wear mini skirt .and shorts.. But I'm not blessed with lovely legs!

6. What is your 3 favorite color for clothes?  Black, Blue and Pink
7.What good, valuable clothing …

BC Bloggers

On understanding relationships

In my 32 years of existence in this world I understood that understanding relationships can unlock many doors. It doesn't matter to whom you have a relationship as long you build friendship with them. Without such established relationships it is virtually impossible to emotionally survive as human beings.As we know we are a creatures who crave for warmth love and care, and interactions. Without love and compassion, a persons heart remains cold and unfeeling. We build relationships to feel loved, to feel important, to make ourselves complete. As humans, we all crave a few things in life.; health and the preservation of life; food, sleep, money and the things money can buy, sexual gratification, the well being of our family and offspring, and the feeling of importance. The latter is the key to build the type of relationship that will aid us in the long run.
These is the book I highly recommend by Dale Carnegie. I have read a few pages and I will continue reading it. Its a beautiful …