Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Cut Cost in the Beauty Department

Last week, we knew how vain some  girls are? I admit , that I am vain "kikay" and justifying that,  I love beauty product collection, I love to experiment. Try until its perfect. I also wear makeup depends to the place where I go.

So, if you are an absolute beauty conscious, make up fanatic but find it expensive , there are ways to cut cost in the beauty department. 

1. Skip the expensive mani and pedi and DIY- All you need is a good taste and top coat a long lasting color , and a new nail file. I've noticed that old nail files do nothing but cause me to spend minutes filing the same nails with no results. So toss it up and pick up anew one at the drugstore. If you want to improve your-at-home experience, soak your hands in warm water and massage with a summer scented exfoliating scrub.

2. Ask for free bang trims - Most salons offer services in-between appointments at little or no cost at all. If you're a loyal customer, I'm sure your beautician will be more than happy to clip your bangs for free. If you know your salon doesn't do this, go to a local beauty school and have student do it under expert supervision.

3. Snag free gifts with purchases - You can get great eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, mascaras, even make up remover and brushes with a minimum purchase at your favorite beauty counter. Most come with free makeup bags that are perfect travel.

4. Learn from the pros - Take advantage of free makeup consultations. Beauty gurus will give you tips on the perfect color foundation and the right moisturizer for your skin. Sometimes they will apply a product to one side of your face and watch as you mimic it on on the other side, giving advice along the way. Call ahead and make an appointment first.

5. Take inventory of your makeup stash - Periodically clean out your makeup drawer and throw out anything you don't use or whatever looks or smells old. Keep note of what you have and what you need. Write it down so the next time you're at the store you avoid unnecessary cost and only buy the essentials.

Have you done any of these? Please do share too your other ways do you cut costs beauty in the department.

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Looks like you are an expert in this department since you had lots of hands on experiences in beauty care. It is not bad to be a little vain or kikay. That is human nature in females. What is bad and regrettable is if one becomes vain and conceited because people just hate conceited people. There is a thin line however that separates vanity and being beauty conscious. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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