Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What about Fashion Meme?

Absolutely obsess, loving myself. Hehehe! Because I have nothing to say at the moment or nothing to talk about. I came across to this fun fashion question and I thought I would love to forward to you beauty blogger.

1. What signature bag, you crave to have? 
Whew! I crave to have an Original Louis Vitton Bag. 
2. What beauty products you used? 
Hmmm, A lot.. When I was in the Philippines I usually used AVON or Sara Lee Products.. Here in Israel, I think No7 or dead sea. That's the brand product I got in my dresser.

3. What brand of lingerie you used now?
Time to reveal .. Triumph and Avon  bra and some nickers..But for everday, I used cheap one nickers.LOL!

4. What things you can't go out without ?
Geeee, my phone I can't go out with out it.

5. What clothing you usually wear except jeans and t-shirt? 
I love to wear mini skirt .and shorts.. But I'm not blessed with lovely legs!

6. What is your 3 favorite color for clothes? 
Black, Blue and Pink

7.What good, valuable clothing brand you recommend? 
Mango brand for tops , I love their styles and not so expensive here. Lee Copper for Jeans
8. What accessories you wear everyday, and what you crave to have? 
Watch and Earings.. and crave to have a pair of diamond earings. 

9. What is your favorite outfit for the season? 
For winter , --knee high clothes, leather boots either low or high heels.
For Summer -- fashionable dress or shorts , flip-flops or wedges.

10. Are you a good bargain shopper?
No, I'm not that's an honest answer.

I tag this to JennieCacai, Anne, Dhemz, Kaycee, Kurdapya,

If you can add more question that would be fun and exciting. You are welcome to add and you can tag me back ..

Happy Tagging!

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Karen Chayne said...

hi sis! wow thanks for tagging me here... this is indeed a fun and exciting fashionable meme.

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