GT-What's Inside my Bag

Featuring Girls Talk Theme this week - What's inside my Bag? I recently used this bag on my Baha'i Garden adventure last Sunday.

My cute small Kipling shoulder bag with 4 compartments inside

What's Inside 

My Passport
My Red Wallet
Hand Cream
Pressed Powder
Sony Digital Camera
Nurofen for Headache in case of emergency
Sticker Notes


wow cute ng handy bag mo sis.. ang liit pero ang daming laman..hehe

and i think its now a-must to bring w/ us our beloved digicam..hehe
tatess said…
gusto ko rin ng mga kipling na purse.simple lang pero maganda at mahal
Dhemz said…
sos pagka daghan paraphernalia sa dalaga...ehehhee! ako sis kay wipes ug mga chichiboriching ni!

green pa diay imong passport sis?
Jeanny said…
ako rin green pa passport ko, katamad pa kc mag pa renew. hehehe

Love your bag. So cute :)
Jes said…
wow! pasport and camera lagi ang nakikita ko present sa bag ah! =))


nweis thnks for droppig by and thanks for imagining my stuff ahahha =))
Lynn said…
i like your bag, so cute. i used to own small bags too but ever since i first bought my tote bag, napunta na naman doon hilig ko. :)
Kayce said…
wow ang cute nga ng bag mo sis at ang daming laman sa loob... hehehe
bambie said…
terno pa ang wallet and bag...small lng yun purse mo but it holds a lot...bagay pag nagshoshopping.☺
Vernz said…
wow, secure jud nang passport Charm basig di ka kauli.. hehehehe...

My GT entry is here
Willa said…
Pareho pa rin pala tayo ng passport, green pa rin. :)
Bambie ♥ said…
small pero madami compartment.. so convenient to use =) i like it,.
yuuki said…
it can fit on that small bag? wow!

here's mine
Anne said…
hhaahhaa second d motion ni dhemz green pa imuha passport pa ilisan na ug brown sis... anyways, i love that red wallet murag puno kaau ug sulod hehe.
Lucia ♥ said…
What is that little pinkie pendant on your keys? An angel, or a fairy? It looks so cute!

Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

U may find my entry here ♥
analou said…
ang dami naman ng laman ng bag mo my friend. sa akin wallet, keys and cellphone lang. Poor me...
peppermayo said…
i love white bags too kahit medyo mahirap dalhin kasi kailangan super careful baka ma stain... and pareho tayong may headahce meds... sabi nga ng word verification ko: apear! ;p
niko said…
ay nice naman.. gusto ko rin ng mramng compartments pra di na need ng organizer :)

By the way, Kaye of Beauty Queen Gene is the new host of GT starting July. Hope you can still play along with us.

Thanks for joining and for all your support at GT. Have a great week ahead! =)
Sherry said…
red wallet so cute, I used to have red but no more then black and now brown. :D

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