Nostalgia # 4They're Always Remembered

Working here in Israel is wonderful. I think this is the only country who give a lot of freedom for all overseas workers. Unfortunately, staying or working here is limited.

Anyhow, I enjoyed being here and  I meet this people that I can say they are my family away from home.  My Jewish Family  that has been part of my life.

My previous patient died at 101.5 years old
She was always remembered, An amazing woman who thought me what is the value of family.  A family was very important for her. She had a wonderful relationship with her daughter, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Being part of her family was a great treasure that I  can keep forever.I used to call her Grandma too.

 Her daughter and granddaughter
She left me a wonderful friendship with them. These was when I was invited for a family party last year. But Grandma wasn't there anymore.

Grand Child and Great Grandchildren
They were dancing the party here and I took a picture for remembrance.

 A family picnic this year and I was invited to be with them.. . I missed them a lot. Those time that we shared for Grandma's joyous and sad days always remains in our heart and be  remembered.

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chubskulit said…
It is always nice to found a family that treat you like one of them isn't it. Kahit ala na si Granny eh welcome ka pa din sa family, that's pure love! Thanks for the greetings and for joining sis. Mwah!
nuts said…
no matter what race you are in, it feels good to feel at home like one family..
*♥Shydub♥* said…
They are lucky to have you as their primary care giver charm. bait ng mga pasyente mo ano. It was good talking to you sis last night at ym. take care over there.
Cecile said…
this is very Nostalgic, dear :-); thanks for sharing. being away from home is not easy...and glad you've found a family who treats you like you are one of them.
Dhemz said…
awwwwwwww.....makahilak man sad ta ug hunahuna...ka sweet sa iyang family sis no....sweet man sad jud ka....:)
Yes, they are a wonderful family almost like your very own already. Working with that Jewish family afforded you the chance to see the great familial ties of Jewish people that dates back to the times of Christ and even in the Old Testament times. Jews are a chosen people of God and they show this by being always a closely knit family. Thanks for the nostalgic post. God bless you all always.
Ebie said…
You found a second family in them, and you have developed a good relationship.

You are one good caregiver.
Vernz said…
ka swerte mu charm, na-adto ka sa mga good people...

Joined Nostalgia too HERE!
charmie said…
Thank you so much for all your comments.

They are British Jewish People, I can find the close family ties with them.

Yes, I humbly say I was so lucky to be part of this family. Grandma wasn't there anymore but they keep communicating me.

Jewish Religion is a warm Religion. They still using the old testament Bible , the time of Moses!

Have a Bless weekend everybody, once again, thank you so much:)
kat said…
oi ka swerte pod nimo Charm kay nakakita man ka ug family like them...maski wala na ila grandma, apil lang japon ka sa ila gathering...swerte mo talaga...

Salamat sa comment hehehe
hi, my aunt also works in Israel as a caregiver. her patient also passed away early this year, but the family opted her to stay with them. until now my aunt is still with her Jewish family.
Bambie ★ said…
I'm sure they miss you too =) thanks for sharing these precious photos =)
Cacai M. said…
Wow.. nice post Charm.. feel na feel ko.. :) Though it was sad because grandma wasn't there anymore but more of happiness. Makahilak mn ta'g popcorn ani oi.. hehehe.. thanks for sharing Charm.. ~hugs~

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