Thursday, June 3, 2010

Nostalgia # 3 - Time goes so quickly

Sis Rose,of Nostalgic Marveling,  invited me before but I was reluctant because I thought I don't have any photograph to share with. The fact that my album was sent home in the Philippines. Anyhow, I came across to the album of my friend today in friendster and I found some old photograph of my friends when we were together.

Taken New years Eve, 2004
Joan was one of my close friends when I landed Israel, I met her here and we became good friends. Time goes so quickly two years ago she left Israel to meet her internet boyfriend in Romania who became her husband now blessed with a little girl. 

Taken Valentines Party 2006
They were my flatmates,we were like bees here, ran after the camera where it goes and gave a best shots.
New Years Party, 2004 

Some girls birthday
Some of them became my best of friends, confidante and adviser. There were no such happiness of what we had. It was a great time,  yes it was great, seemingly, when we had a get together every week in our flat after a 24/6 work, looking after an elderly people. We dressed ourselves, had little fun, such as dancing, singing, drink a little bit of alcohol LOL!

Me, Ate Mercy, Cousin Roze, Iren (Bilu Angles)
Joan, Ate Emily and Ate Mercy( Eden and Ate Lanie is not here)

We were called the "Bilu Angels" Why it was Bilu Angels ? Because our flat was along Bilu Street. These were the girls who been very close together, shared jokes, laughter, tears, problems or even shared what clothes to wear for the next party. Unfortunately, friendship ended for many reasons.Some of them got married here and have kids and went back in the Philippines. Out from a group of nine, four of us left here because cousin Roze went home recently. However , I feel close with Iren only.

They've been part of my life here and I thank them for a wonderful memories that remains forever here in my heart. Time goes so quickly we were not young anymore and we have to step forward for the next journey.

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    Willa said...

    Nice pictures with nice friends. :)

    Btw,I grabbed your badge and it is now in my sidebar, I hope you can add my SMART MOMMY blog to your blogroll.

    Clarissa said...

    How envious!Ang dami mong pics with friends!Stunning ladies!!^_^

    nuts said...

    oh how i missed my good old friends too. very nostalgic to look at old photos..

    chubskulit said...

    Yay finally! Thanks for joining Issa, love these fun-filled memory photos!

    BTW, nostalgia won't just revolve old photos, you can also take pictures of souvenirs(anything)so your option is unlimited.. Keep traveling down memory lane sis.. Mwah!

    David said...

    thanks for sharing your pics and the story behind it... i enjoy looking at them

    Vernz said...

    Hi Charm, I'm not sure if you were the Charmie that speaks Bisaya, pero tagalogin ko nalang para sigurado ahahahah!

    Lovely ladies... sana meron kayong reunion dito lahat sa pinas ...

    Joined Nostalgia too here

    charmie said...

    I hope so magkita kita pa kami sa Pinas, sana sa kasal ko hahaha!!!

    Hiyang po sa akin ang garnier ate... I used 3 in 1.. Wash, Scrub , and Mask to even the skintone...try ate ang ganda

    shydub said...

    Good thing your friends has tons of pictures of you guys. It really give us a smile reminiscing the past and seeing pictures of our old friends smile and laughetr. nakaknostalgic talaga.

    Mine is here

    btw, sis thanks for grabbing my badge. Grab ko sana badge mo kaso wala ako makita nito.

    Life's Memoirs Online said...

    Indeed the pictures depict fun and laughter. Surely nakaka miss talaga sya.

    Nostalgia: Work Friends and Social Gatherings

    Mommy Liz said...

    yup, great memories of your friendship. life is such a journey, and you have to move on even if it means being away from your friends. you would have to choose between being with your friends of having your own family. nice entry.

    Dhemz said...

    ayay! pagka gwafa kaau....tsk tsk tsk...selos man sad kaau...eehhehe!

    those are happy moments...thanks for sharing sis....:)

    I thought naa ka dire sa US...naa diay ka diha sa holy land? hehehehe!

    Mine is here. So Nostalgic

    gengen said...

    Wow all of the one in the pic are pretty hmmm really we will never same as before we will change. My late entry is up.

    Mine is here

    Chie Wilks said...

    it is really nice to look back on the happy and sad memories shared with friends...thanks for visiting mine sis

    Ebie said...

    Happy faces, have smiles and great company!

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