Friday, June 4, 2010

Never too busy to send messages

I always get upset when I tried so hard to communicate a friend far away from me and never get back anything. I can never emphasize enough how communication with them is still that important. 

When I came here in Israel, I used to write or send messages to one my of closet friend at work back in the Philippines. Before I left she promised me to keep in contact with me and so do I. Unfortunately, I'm the one who keep writing , sending post cards, christmas cards or even birthday cards but I haven't got any reply. I was however lucky if I can get  a simple text message in a year. When I found her profile in facebook , she acted like nothing happen at all. The fact I kept writing her for two years and I get tired. 

Now, I came to realized that a simple messages or letter still was not enough to sustain a friendship no matter how many good times or bad times you've shared in the past.  Nevertheless, regular communication with friends miles away from you or back home and sharing details of each others lives help sustain a friendship. But there are exceptions to some cases.

I learned from that experience , making priority to regular keep in contact with my friends in the Philippines or other part of the word whether it be via email or chatting in facebook or some other messenger or maybe a quick phone call. It helps keeping and sustain friendship. How about you? How do you keep in touch your far away friends?


genefaith said...

same here sis, and ka-aaccept lang nya sa request ko sa FB and I even posted a msg in her wall wala man lang akong natanggap na "halu buhay ka pa pala"...kaya i get tired with her and buti pa blogger friends may time pang mangumusta:)

Dhemz said...

hahhaha...korek si sis! ako din...when I first moved here in the US..I always kept in touch with my close friends...I was disappointed kasi alang reply...may reply man pero aabutin pa nang!

charmie said...

hahaha tama kayo dalawa.. ganun seguro talaga di na importante saknila... that was it..

Mommy Rubz said...

Since most of my friends are far far away (parang Shrek), I have no choice but to resort on facebook, yahoo messenger and their blogs. That is how I manage to keep open relationships with old and new friends.

Mommy Rubz

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