Is your writing important to you?

People don't feel the need to used good grammar and spelling online. We know that "brb", "lol"and "atm" are useful abbreviations when on Instant Messenger, but how about at school or the work place? Is your writing important to you?

With advance grammar checking, spell checking, and style checking. White Smoke 2010 fixes your eror and enhances your writing. 

So, what are you waiting? GET IT NOW!


Kaya nga nabuo yung term na jejemon sa Facebook, Twitter at iba pang social interaction sites dahil sa paggamit nang mga subscribers nang mga shortcuts at initials. Okay yun sa sms o text pero sa blog at social interaction sites eh hindi magandang tingnan. Kaya nga pati ang DepEd eh nakikialam na rin dahil sa pag deteriorate nang writing skills nang mga estudyuante. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

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