Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Memory of War


Do you remember the time of Peoples Power Revolution? A mass street prayerful demonstrations that occurred in 1986? This Nostalgia shared to you happened a month before the Peoples Power Revolution know as the Edsa Revolution of today.

Yes, I certainly remembered those times because it was the time that our village was covered by military and NPA's (New Peoples Army) was hiding in the land of inhabitants people. They even put landmines and villagers were afraid. 

I was 7 years old and was playing in our garden with my sisters and brothers  when landmines cracked near our village and then we heard a series of explosion. We ran into the house and started crying and looking for our father where he is. When father arrived the series of blast never stop. We thank GOD at those time he was already home .Then we were called by our father to go under our house where he made a shelter (well) that we can able to hide. But my grandmother who was a bedridden was left upstairs and keep shouting for help. 

As I remember it was a 3 hours blast, with a tank of war and helicopters, military that shouting. Houses was burned and some villagers was dead. We were very fortunate that the tank of war fell off facing to the sea otherwise all the houses and the people including as is dead. After the war, scout ranger visiting from one house to another. Asking if we hide rebels at home. Innocent men was tortured and abused by military because they thought they were members of NPA. When they came to our house, they asked my mother if she want to die? My mother answered "NO, Sir, I still got small children" Lucky they didn't tortured my father. 

A day after the war, we were warned to move out because it might be injurious. So, we went to our neighboring village far from the explosion but after 3 days we came back. It was quiet then , and we tried to live into a normal life without fear, but Grand Mother still shocked, she never eat, never drink, and after 10 days she died.
Since then, we grew up with the fear of gunfire, stranger people and military. But we were grateful that despite the events he gave us life and a chance to live and see the beauty of the world. 

Now, if we discuss the events there, we laugh because were hiding in a well and we felt sad when we remember  the experience of a child behind a pole crying because her grandparents was shoot and the house was burned. I can't really imagine how she cope such terrifying incidents of her life. We were not friends but I heard she in America now and live a happy life with her friends and family. 

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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Very horrific naman yung childhood experiences mo. Anong probinsiya ba kayo at may full blown communist insurgency sa inyong lugar? Panahon pa siguro yun nang martial law kung saan laganap ang insurgents. Thanks for the nostalgic post. God bless you always.

chubskulit said...

Anong province mo ga sis. When I was in High School kasi I experienced the same. Laganap pa noon ang NPAs sa place namin but now eh ala na. You gave me an idea, will post similar to this one day hehehe.

charmie said...

Province of Davao Oriental.. Barrio po ng Banaybanay, yep noon ang dami , panahon pa yon sa dictatorship ni Marcos. Katakot nga noon pait mga busses sinusunog sa daan. Yong memory fresh na fresh sa akin. Pero ngayon ok naman, peaceful na.. May bahay pa din kami doon pero di na namalagi talaga. Yong parents ko lang lagi sila doon kasi may maliit na sakahan naman yong tatay ko..:)

Salamat po sa commment nyo Kuya Mel at sis Rose. Have a nice day, God Bless:)

tatess said...

katakot naman yang childhood experienced mo sa province nyo.

Rossel said...

that was a traumatic experience kaya siguro hanggang ngayon ay fresh pa rin sa iyo ang lahat, sis. hope everything is well now in your place and hope nothing as horrific as that will happen again.

charmie said...

Katakot talaga noon sis Tes,and sis Rossel pero ok naman ngayon! Mostly lang nakatira ngayon doon mga bagohan na dayo din sa lugar namin. Sana lang di na mangyari uli yon, talagang traumatic!

shydub said...

Hala charm no, apectado gyud d i inyong lugar during that time. That was a traumatic experience and glad to know that it didn't affect you and the whole family. Kami mura layo ra mn, tv ra mn mi kita gyud.

nuts said...

how nostalgic ng entry mo..mine will be up pa tomorrow.. :)

By MelCole of PA said...

Oh my God, I can't imagine myself when at war, I probably run crazy everywhere. lols. You got a tough childhood memory sis, thanks for sharing this, it will surely inspire many people how to be strong in life and take courage. Is it ok if I'll add you to my link list today, as I'm upgrading my old blog to a new site domain. Let me know, ok? :)

Vernz said...

Hi Charmie, salamat sa laag dear.. wa jud ko ani rung semanaha ... hay! bag-o lang nakonek akong internet.. DSL labad!

Arlene said...

Experiences of war can be horrific and shocking! My heart really goes out to those who have lost their love ones in war.

Thank youi for sharing this experience with us.

thank you too for visiting my entry.


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