Quote it Saturday

I just noticed that there are people who speak only the words from their mouth but not coming from their hearts. There are only two kinds people in this world , the good and the bad. The genuine and the hypocrites.


Yes, I totally agree with you. Those who speak just from the mouth are just mouthing only superficial things but those who speak from the heart speak with conviction and with all honesty. Thanks for the witty post. God bless you all always. BTW, Happy Father's Day to your dad. Ciao.
Mel Alarilla said…
You are already listed in the official registry of all Filipino bloggers at Filipinos Unite!!!. I would appreciate it more if you could copy and paste the embed code of Filipinos Unite!!! widget at my sidebar and place it at your own sidebar. Thanks for joining. God bless you always.
First time to be here and I'm glad to know you. Thank you so much for the visit. Hope to see you again. I love your place here.
Robin said…
So true, and very good advice.

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