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On feeling sorry

Hey guys, sorry for my absence . I realized that I focused too much on blogging. I definitely, enjoyed reading your blogs contents,  BC-Bloggers journals and articles. Even I'm at work I tried to open  my computer and check
the latest updates with your topic.  Thus,  I became addicted on it and I realized that I still got an important job to do. In fact, as a caregiver, I have a big obligation and responsibility that shouldn't be neglected.

I just felt sorry that I cannot update my blogs from time to time and I tried my best to visit you guys too.


on my week end escapades....

It's been six weeks that I haven't been out since my cousin Rose went to home to the Philippines. Well, Rose was my buddy, my partner in everything. But I am still happy because I still have my lovi'n friend. Actually, Rose and I both lover her. She is our hair stylist and our make up artist lol. 

As usual like we used to do, we went to along the beach restaurant.summery breeze and had a lovely walked on the promenade. Though it was a short time spending together with them (Iren and her boyfriend) but it was great, I enjoyed it so much. Even, I want more but  I have to go back home before twelve o'clock like a cinderella's beauty. Anyhow, I thank them very much for the lovely time and for the treat as well. Iren paid the bill of what we ate and Idan found a taxi for me and make sure I'm going home safe and sound.

On my Thrusday quotes


On my Wednesday Craving

Instead of craving a chocolate and sushi ... I crave  these .....

The Theorize Sandal Women Shoes has a sweet summery look with a hardware embellished thong upper and a wedge heel with N5 comfort element. Also one of my favorite color.

I love this from Jessica Simpson Misana Sandal Women Shoes . This casual comfortable sandals good for walking by the beach ...It has an extra polish like jewel decor strap that looks great.

I like this Roxy Bangles Hobo Bag

I love this Shana Dress of Antonio Melanie

This lovely stilltoe, GUESS Women'S Carrie4 Pump. Isn't that obvious I love turquoise color. This is perfect for parties or evening night out.

on clumsy day

Hey beauties, I missed my post here yesterday , I was a bit busy and I try to sneak around while I'm working but I just didn't have time in here. I was too sleepy last night too.  I hope that everyone has a wonderful day though. Did you guys anything exciting?
At this point, Sarah and I went to supermarket yesterday to do some shopping. When we entered , we went straight to fruits area. When I picked up a box of plums to show it to her, the box was fell out from my hand and scattered on the floor. I was really embarrassed and instead of picking it, we left the area and pretended nothing happen. We kept on shopping and I stumbled to different kinds of nuts. I took a little bag and weigh little amount of wall nuts but the whole basket of wall nuts fell in front me. I was shocked. And one lady told me, "It's alright" and Sarah said "what happen to you" Yeah , I don't even know what happen to me. I'm not usually clumsy.
What about you guys? How do yo…

On aiming to have a soft skin and neat nails

I always love to have clean fingernails and toenails and aiming always to have a soft hand. I think everybody does! Don't we? Some of us go to the salon everyweek for treatment just to have soft skin and neat fingernails. But even , if you cannot make it to go the salon everyweek becuase your busy or it's an extra expense for you. We can easily maintain neat nails and soft touchable hands and feet. All you need to have are some basic expensive tools that you can use at home and set aside 20 minutes a week to pamper your finger and toes. So, if you follow that every week then you can have a looking nice nails even you aren't wearing a nail polish. As to speak wearing nail polish can be dehydrating and can result to nails breakage. So, better not to with it for a day or so.

Electric Cars - Environmentally Friendly

Anne and David (my patient Children)went to the first try out of electric car here in Israel last Friday. They said electric car was amazing. Very environmentally friendly, no fumes and less noise pollution. However, some believe that the energy they consume is harmful to the environment such as coal, nuclear and hydroelectric power. Anne said that the battery needs long time recharging and it last only for 100 miles. But even so, she never consume 100 miles a day. Only when long time traveling. 
I'm not a driver , but I want to learn how to drive. So , as to speak Electric Car is powered by an electric motor instead of gasoline engine. The electric motor gets energy from a controller , which regulate the amount of power based of the driver's use of an accelerator pedal. The electric car (also known as electric vehicle or EV) uses energy stored in its rechargeable batteries, which are recharged by common household electricity
Electric cars produce no tailpipe emissions, reduce…

Three Wishes

I once read that almost every culture on earth has a folktale about "three magic wishes"Most feature a genie or some other mythical figure who grants the requests of a patron. Almost all of these tales end in tragedy.
I supposed these stories come from the desire to have everything we want in this life, even though we've learned that we'll always be frustrated in that pursuit. If anything, life teaches us that nothing is this world can satisfy us fully, for even if we gained the whole world we would eventually lose it.
Among the most poignant of these stories is the tale of stockbroker who encountered a genie on the way to the office. When offered a wish, the man asked for and received copy  of his local newspaper dated one year into the future. He hurriedly turned to the financial page, hoping to "make s killing"in opposite page h saw his picture in an obituary describing his death in an automobile accident the preceding day.
Life is short and very uncertain.…

GT- Friends at Work

It's Girl Talk again, the day that we are waiting for.  Well, talking about, this week topic is Friends that we made at work. Tell me where I should begin? LOL! Frankly, I never stay home, I have to work and the same time study. So, perhaps I will start when I was working as a crew in a food chain. I'm very glad and happy for after 10 years I able to re-connect with them through facebook.

The two beautiful ladies above are Marj and Elaine. We were buddies and became good friends when I was working in Jollibee - Gaisano Mall. Actually, we were a pioneering group and we were trained into different areas and branches of Jollibee together with Rene the picture below from right. We used to call him "matured" Why? I don't know! LOL.  I enjoyed it so much being with then and the managers too. Unfortunately, I don't have a group picture to share with because I'm not home to dig up my album and they don't have a copy either. And the lovely Jofe , the picture b…

Drop it Already


Basic Cash Flow (An eye-opener to everyone)

The basic is. What pattern do you see if you will get a P100.00 bill and monitor where and how it is transferred from 1 possessor to the other? How does it flow? The pattern for a typical Filipino is. You earn from your work, you spend it on food, gadgets, clothing and other basic needs. Before you reach the next payday, paubos na yong pera (run out of money). But that's ok payday is just a few days ahead and it doesn't matter if I run out of money, I am expecting money again any time soon. This cycle goes on and on and you make some sidelines or create other ways to earn but it seems that money was never enough.  So you can't leave the job that you have because a week without work would affect the cash flow you have to support your family and needs. As much as you wanted to accept another job, the gap would make you pay less for a couple of days, which makes you a slave to your boss . At least, you have a job to support your needs. 

So to illustrate.. ..Cash is flowing i…

The ugly side of beauty

I have a friend who is an aspiring Make Up Artist. She loves what to do and she is grasping  the opportunity to do it. She learned it only through practice. And practice makes perfect for her. She is a girl who loves fashion and beauty like me LOL! And she loves helping others fell beautiful. She is a wonderful friend, she don't let others behind beauty and fashion. I remember those times when we were together in a flat.  Sometimes she provide the girls what to wear and she make us look beautiful.
In my point of view wearing make up certainly a credit for every woman. There is an agony that woman go through in wanting feel beautiful even if just for an evening. Some woman feels this so attainable that they don't even attempt it. They said "that's not me"or "I don't fuss with stuff like that." This is me, is so ugly. Eventually, we can be beautiful and humble at the time. Just because you have a sense of style and wear make up does not make you shall…

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Achieving healthy head of beautiful hair

Have you dream to have a healthy beautiful hair? or is your scalp suffer from dryness like me?Fungus, dandruff or any other things cause by hair color?  Well, if you have those  problems then we have to follow this three main things for a good looking head hair. 
Good Health 
1. Adequate Diet - Hair growth depends on adequate diets. A widespread diet problems which causes loss of hair is iron deficiency anemia. If you have  too little meat, eggs, cereals or peas and beans it cause too little iron in blood. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also needed to provide Vitamin C, which enables the body to absorb the iron.
The attention to cleanliness
2. Cutting the hair - although cutting the hair is not essential to its well being but it is easier to keep the scalp clean if the hair kept reasonably short.  Regular cutting as we believe does not make the hair grow faster. 
Caution when using cosmetic treatments
3. How hair can be damaged - although scalp hair is hardy, and can withstand  a lot of a…

Inspirational Insights turns 1

Inspirational Insights owned by famous Mommy Chris celebrating her 1st Blog Anniversary this May.

In celebration of this joyous moment, she would like to impart her success to everyone.  She invited everyone to join her in celebrating.
With the help of her three sponsor, there will be 3 winners Cash prize will be send via paypal
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What/Who Inspires me most?

When I was a little girl  I was inspired to do better in school which I did. I usually dreamed that someday I will be a somebody. Unfortunately due to lack of financial constraint my parents asked me to stop school when I was going into High School. However, my dreams didn't stop there. I left  home and went to the City and became a working student. I worked and study hard until I got my degree. That was the greatest achievement or gift I ever done to my life and to my parents. It wasn't easy nevertheless, I never gave up. When I think about my parents,  I strive hard with perseverance and enthusiasm.  If only they could have money, I know they won't let me down. They are the people who inspires me to do more and to dream more.

my lovely parents who inspires me most of who I am now.
This post is my official entry for Mommy Chris Inspirational Insights 1st blogversary Contest .
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My Simple Life ( Reviewed)

My Simple Life authored by Kasai-means "Fire" as a name given to her by a Japanese Company. Her blogs talks about her daily routine. She created her blog out of boredom like me. She mostly  focused in joining Philippines and Worldwide Contest and interested to write reviews to be able to earn.
Kasai, was the first person who awarded me the Sisterhood Award to my blog entitled Pinoy Life Abroad. I was very thankful that she shared that to me. The feeling to received that Sisterhood award was absolutely rewarding.

I can find the real simplicity of her blog. Through reading some of her post , I found her humble and romantic person. I like the way she talks things and how it connected it to her life. But unfortunately, she feel sorry for herself as well as to her readers that she cannot continue blogging due to limited resources. She didn't own a computer and she find it very hard. I was very sad when I read her post because I'm one of her avid follower.

She is like m…

Yashiro's 2nd Blogversary Contest

Yashiro invited me to join his her 2nd blogversary contest. The contest is very cool and unique called "POST-DROP-CASH" ..means POST an article - DROP the url and win a CASH. The big post drop event will last only for a month. Its started already 1st of May and end in 31st of May.

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