Sunday, May 16, 2010

What/Who Inspires me most?

When I was a little girl  I was inspired to do better in school which I did. I usually dreamed that someday I will be a somebody. Unfortunately due to lack of financial constraint my parents asked me to stop school when I was going into High School. However, my dreams didn't stop there. I left  home and went to the City and became a working student. I worked and study hard until I got my degree. That was the greatest achievement or gift I ever done to my life and to my parents. It wasn't easy nevertheless, I never gave up. When I think about my parents,  I strive hard with perseverance and enthusiasm.  If only they could have money, I know they won't let me down. They are the people who inspires me to do more and to dream more.

these was the dream that really inspired me most to work and study hard.

my lovely parents who inspires me most of who I am now.

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Chris said...

you are blessed to have parents who inspires you! you are qualified!

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