Monday, May 24, 2010

On aiming to have a soft skin and neat nails

I always love to have clean fingernails and toenails and aiming always to have a soft hand. I think everybody does! Don't we? Some of us go to the salon everyweek for treatment just to have soft skin and neat fingernails. But even , if you cannot make it to go the salon everyweek becuase your busy or it's an extra expense for you. We can easily maintain neat nails and soft touchable hands and feet. All you need to have are some basic expensive tools that you can use at home and set aside 20 minutes a week to pamper your finger and toes. So, if you follow that every week then you can have a looking nice nails even you aren't wearing a nail polish. As to speak wearing nail polish can be dehydrating and can result to nails breakage. So, better not to with it for a day or so.

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Carmen Araneta said...

Hi Charmie, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, we, women, have to ensure our finger nails or toe nails are always kept clean. I have a manicure and pedicure every two weeks kasi the nail polish makes my nails crack and split.

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