Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The ugly side of beauty

Here she is aspiring make up artist

This is one of her works LOL

I have a friend who is an aspiring Make Up Artist. She loves what to do and she is grasping  the opportunity to do it. She learned it only through practice. And practice makes perfect for her. She is a girl who loves fashion and beauty like me LOL! And she loves helping others fell beautiful. She is a wonderful friend, she don't let others behind beauty and fashion. I remember those times when we were together in a flat.  Sometimes she provide the girls what to wear and she make us look beautiful.

In my point of view wearing make up certainly a credit for every woman. There is an agony that woman go through in wanting feel beautiful even if just for an evening. Some woman feels this so attainable that they don't even attempt it. They said "that's not me"or "I don't fuss with stuff like that." This is me, is so ugly. Eventually, we can be beautiful and humble at the time. Just because you have a sense of style and wear make up does not make you shallow.

It is the fact that there are women out there, who are born beautiful without wearing make up and I believe that there are also women who looks beautiful with less make up. Oppsss, perhaps you might miss understand what I'm trying to say that woman who don't make up are ugly.. Definitely NO! I am simply explaining that make up can do amazing  things to accentuate our beautiful qualities. Even if your husband or boyfriend will say, Oh, your beautiful without make up, though they appreciate. But  be aware with their eyes to admire and look beautiful women wearing make ups. Have you noticed that?

Make up can help express your inner light. It builds up confidence. Women grasp every opportunity to swag stuff stuff and feel beautiful
So, don't allow yourself to get bogged down and dreary, because its not worth it. And if your stay at home , don't allow yourself to be in sweats and looks like frumpy. I am sure you don't like to see yourself in the mirror if you are dowdy. lol!Though beauty is going to waste - and that's definitely one ugly side of beauty.
Don't allow yourself to get bogged down and dreary-its not worth it. And for goodness sake if you stay at home-don't allow yourself to be in sweats and makeup less all the time. Nobody wants to look in the mirror and see frump. Beauty that is going to waste- That is definitely one ugly side of beauty.

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