Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Simple Life ( Reviewed)

My Simple Life authored by Kasai-means "Fire" as a name given to her by a Japanese Company. Her blogs talks about her daily routine. She created her blog out of boredom like me. She mostly  focused in joining Philippines and Worldwide Contest and interested to write reviews to be able to earn.

Kasai, was the first person who awarded me the Sisterhood Award to my blog entitled Pinoy Life Abroad. I was very thankful that she shared that to me. The feeling to received that Sisterhood award was absolutely rewarding.

I can find the real simplicity of her blog. Through reading some of her post , I found her humble and romantic person. I like the way she talks things and how it connected it to her life. But unfortunately, she feel sorry for herself as well as to her readers that she cannot continue blogging due to limited resources. She didn't own a computer and she find it very hard. I was very sad when I read her post because I'm one of her avid follower.

She is like me too who haven't got a professional training in writing but she tried to improve her writing skills and grammar. We are not born to be a writer but she also likes me found writing as a release of boredom and therapy of our brain.

“Join POST… DROP… and win CASH”

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