on my week end escapades....

It's been six weeks that I haven't been out since my cousin Rose went to home to the Philippines. Well, Rose was my buddy, my partner in everything. But I am still happy because I still have my lovi'n friend. Actually, Rose and I both lover her. She is our hair stylist and our make up artist lol. 

As usual like we used to do, we went to along the beach restaurant.summery breeze and had a lovely walked on the promenade. Though it was a short time spending together with them (Iren and her boyfriend) but it was great, I enjoyed it so much. Even, I want more but  I have to go back home before twelve o'clock like a cinderella's beauty. Anyhow, I thank them very much for the lovely time and for the treat as well. Iren paid the bill of what we ate and Idan found a taxi for me and make sure I'm going home safe and sound.


Life Moto said…
hi hindi po sa akin yung mellow yellow monday. nakikiyellow monday lang ako to meet others mellow bloggers.

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