Friday, May 21, 2010

GT- Friends at Work

It's Girl Talk again, the day that we are waiting for.  Well, talking about, this week topic is Friends that we made at work. Tell me where I should begin? LOL! Frankly, I never stay home, I have to work and the same time study. So, perhaps I will start when I was working as a crew in a food chain. I'm very glad and happy for after 10 years I able to re-connect with them through facebook.

The two beautiful ladies above are Marj and Elaine. We were buddies and became good friends when I was working in Jollibee - Gaisano Mall. Actually, we were a pioneering group and we were trained into different areas and branches of Jollibee together with Rene the picture below from right. We used to call him "matured" Why? I don't know! LOL.  I enjoyed it so much being with then and the managers too. Unfortunately, I don't have a group picture to share with because I'm not home to dig up my album and they don't have a copy either. And the lovely Jofe , the picture below left was my crew mate when I was in Texas, she was my trainer and became friends. Eventually, we ended up the same time since then  never heard from them after 10 years, only recently I am happy and very glad to reconnect them through Facebook. Isn't that Facebook amazing?

Soon, I left Jollibee I had a chance to work in government offices but I didn't make friends that much. All I remember when I was in PRC I had a mentor who encourage and inspired me to finish my degree. Unfortunately,  our communication lost when I left office  three months after graduation because as a government employee I should  qualify a Civil Service Exam. The thing was,  I never take CS Exam LOL! I cannot find her either here in Facebook. I really missed her and sorry I don't have photos for this..

The last job I got in the Philippines was at Medical Corporation and after 10 months working I left and go abroad. I made three good friends only in my department but after a year here in Israel we lost contact. They never reply my letters anymore, just recently I reconnected one of them through facebook.

Odette one of my good friends at Medic Corp.  

 And these are my friends when I came here in Israel (Beit Ami Retirement Home and Recuperation Center / Galie Zahav Old Age Home
Friends I made at Nursing Home ( Ate Melly, yours truly, Ate Laura, Ging, Arlene, Marie and Charmel) 
My two good friends at Nursing Home with their patient : Jessa and Ate Lea

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Random WAHM Thoughts said...

hays ang lungkot nga pag nalalayo sa mga friends mo. buti na lng anjan ang facebook. hihi.

dropping by as Niko's proxy. hihi. thanks for participating this week! mwah!

by the way, i have a blog makeover raffle going on. i hope you can join (if you haven't already) :)

niko said...

weeeh ang dami mong friends ganda!! nice to meet all of them here at GT

Bdw, sorry for the late hop my entry is here. See u this Thursday with ur most recent picture with your offline friends!

And thank you for joining GT!

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