Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Wishes

I once read that almost every culture on earth has a folktale about "three magic wishes"Most feature a genie or some other mythical figure who grants the requests of a patron. Almost all of these tales end in tragedy.

I supposed these stories come from the desire to have everything we want in this life, even though we've learned that we'll always be frustrated in that pursuit. If anything, life teaches us that nothing is this world can satisfy us fully, for even if we gained the whole world we would eventually lose it.

Among the most poignant of these stories is the tale of stockbroker who encountered a genie on the way to the office. When offered a wish, the man asked for and received copy  of his local newspaper dated one year into the future. He hurriedly turned to the financial page, hoping to "make s killing"in opposite page h saw his picture in an obituary describing his death in an automobile accident the preceding day.

Life is short and very uncertain. We cannot know what the future will bring. We can only ask GOD to turn us away from trivial pursuits and direct our hearts to follow HIM. We pray, as Moses did "Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom"(Psalm 90:12)

Our attitude Toward Deth
Determine how we live

Shall the great Judge say, when my task is through , 
That my soul had gathered some riches too?
Or shall at the last it be mine to find
That all I had worked for was left behind? -Anon

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