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on my morning cup of coffe

Good morning everyone, as in to my follower (as in yes, there is a follower) thanks to all of you. I didn't have a good sleep. I was awake until 2 am in the morning, the reason why I didn't know. Perhaps of the wind is so awful, I heard banging the window since I'm living in front of the mediterranean sea. The weather is so weird here in Israel, last week seems like summer, as in we were in the middle of January and this week, its been 3 days with rain and and wind which Israel needs most.

But with my hot cup of coffe nothing really beats of this cold weather. What ever I feel , its very refreshing to have this coffe,Oh, love it. When my lady (employer) have visitor I served a coffe like this, made up from espresso machine and espresso coffe. I whisk first the milk and add the espresso coffe on it. Sounds so good really.

And with my morning talked, I thought it is a leap year. My lady told me that if it is leap year , well it is a proposal year. Which means, a women can pr…

on being pathetic and weird..

I am browsing one of my social website and I felt I was being judgemental , I don't know if I used the right word but I felt  angry myself. Why people have to add friends which in fact they don't know a person? Why they cannot stick to their friends only? I understand that it is a social website but if you have added that person and didn't accept  you then don't get mad probably she have some reason why she did that to you. And some trying to pretend they are their  friends , but in truth they are not. Why they need to do that? To gain more friends? Or to gain whatever they are aiming? Here, I was being weird and pathetic, I'm not used to connect more friends, I only added those people whom I know. Actually, I didn't like what I've seen , I felt like they stole my friend and I was right there on the corner. It will be not a good night to me.....

aiming for a week end off..

i can't remember when was the last time i had a week end off, ufts.. i am so bored in here and it's friday night setting with my old lady , listening the moan that gets me irritated.. i can say oh is this life i wanted to be? for a few months, i didn't enjoy much my life here, thanks G_D i will wait for 7 weeks only so that i could go home after 7 years abroad... excited ..

on friday..........

thanks G-D it's Friday, hate it or love it?..
i woke up this morning as usual a constant sneezing ,grrrrrrr i hate it.. then i checked Sarah(patient) from the other room if she is alright. she has back pains for more than a week and that also bother me most..

on phone.. i pick up my phone, i wonder why my beloved boyfriend "fiancee" wasn't online in skype/yahoo messenger last night. sent him a message where he is but no reply...

having cup of coffe and a piece of bread only for breakfast... and as usual to my friday routine cleaning the silver which i hate to do it...

and what's funny i didn't do anything the whole morning, i almost forgot my patient lol... only browsing on how to make money through blogging.. i didn't know that it was lunch time.. luckily i have leftover from yesterday's soup and vegetable..GOSH, it's not like me..i'd finish my routine in the afternoon..check my plants and it is dead hehehe!!!

at the end of the day i feel lik…

Lessons from Odd Places: Blue Chair

Newly discovery for my self

hmmm.. i washed chicken meat this morning and i found out that the dishes of milk was there on the sink. GOSH, I told myself. I felt like yacks! I cannot understand myself why I felt it?  I'm not used to separate things which I didn't work with religious people here. They said it is unhealthy , and that was I felt at that moment. So, I asked myself why do Jews separate milk from meat and I found this answer.

This is to avoid any possibility of "seething" a kid in the milk of its mother, meaning to cook the meat of one animal in the milk of that animal's own mother which the Torah tells us is an abomination to G-d. The Talmud then interprets this as a ban on cooking any meat and milk together, or eating such a mixture which is known as basar bechalav - this rules out cheeseburgers and certain candies which may contain both dairy and gelatine - as the rabbis who created the Talmud could find no reason for this rule, it is designated one of the Chukim - those …

A bit of Humor

This is one of my favorite part of the day. Reading  something to make me laugh. And here some of my collection of jokes that makes me laugh. Sounds corny but it's up to you to follow :)

Last 2008 this was considered the funniest joke in the world which made the most people laugh...And here it is..

Two hunters are out in the woods when one of them collapses. He doesn't seem to be  breathing and his eyes are glazed. The other guy takes out his phone and calls the emergency services. He gasps: "My friend is dead" What can I do? . The operator says, "Calm down, I can help. First, let make sure he's dead. There is a silence and then a gunshot is heard. Back on the phone, the guys says, OK, now what? ngek!Hehehe!!!:)


A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mind swing, takes off his golf ca…

Early Morning, Early Start

It's 8 am in the morning here in Israel and after had my cup of coffe and shower I used to open my laptop and check my email or my account on facebook or any website that I am a member. I enjoy browsing before I started work hehehe!!! shhhh... that's my only outlet away from home. I browse a site that I was so amazed. Pwde na pala tayong di na mag abroad and we could earn atleast 300 $ a month through blogging. We could blogs what's happening in our daily routine as a starter like me. Then, we could enhance our knowledge through blogging.

I will attached the link of you tube here so that you can view the vedio.

So, lets start writing and earn money online.

A simple Bread Pudding Recipe

Bread Pudding is one of my favorite dessert here. It is not an extravagant dessert but I absolutely sure If you try to make it you will love it.

Here's some things to be needed how to make a simple bread pudding.

Whole white bread
200 gr butter
Blackberry jam
1 box of whipping Cream
1 box of milk
100 0r 150 gr of black currant

Heres how:

Prepare a rectangular 2"inches deep oven dish.

1. Sliced the bread into 8 pcs. cut into half inch , not so thin (depends the size of your dish)
2. Spread the butter to the 4pcs of bread and add the blackberry jam and black currant on the top.
3. Take the other 4 slices of bread, spread the butter into it and put it to cover. (like sandwiches)
4. On the top of it, spread again the butter and blackberry jam and add the black currant again

The Bread sandwich is done :

For the Cream :

1. Prepare a blender or a cake mixer.
2. Put the 1 box of whipping cream into the mixer and half box or 2 1/2 cups of milk.
3. Mix it together and pour it to the bread.
4. Wait until …

I'm here back again.

Hi there , I'm back again updating my correspondence. I wasn't able to write for a few months due to some problems. hehehe!!! Actually, I became lazy to write.

I'm here again sharing those days that I wasn't here.

Three months ago, I went for a holiday together with my cousin, my aunt and her Israeli husband. I had a lovely time in the Dead Sea 3 days holiday trip. We stayed on at Golden Tulip Hotel, that caters all in one package. I cannot believe how abundant they were in food and drinks. The accommodation was really great. I attached some photo graphs here to let you show how I enjoyed so much that little holiday after working here for 7 years.

My Family

I want to share a slides show vedio of my family to my dear follower and reader.

thank you for veiwing :0

Getting and Giving the Love You Need