Sunday, February 28, 2010

on my morning cup of coffe

Good morning everyone, as in to my follower (as in yes, there is a follower) thanks to all of you. I didn't have a good sleep. I was awake until 2 am in the morning, the reason why I didn't know. Perhaps of the wind is so awful, I heard banging the window since I'm living in front of the mediterranean sea. The weather is so weird here in Israel, last week seems like summer, as in we were in the middle of January and this week, its been 3 days with rain and and wind which Israel needs most.

But with my hot cup of coffe nothing really beats of this cold weather. What ever I feel , its very refreshing to have this coffe,Oh, love it. When my lady (employer) have visitor I served a coffe like this, made up from espresso machine and espresso coffe. I whisk first the milk and add the espresso coffe on it. Sounds so good really.

And with my morning talked, I thought it is a leap year. My lady told me that if it is leap year , well it is a proposal year. Which means, a women can propose a man. And it happens only on leap year every 4 years. I think sounds no different to me now a days, doesn't matter leap year or not. I think women of today can do anything , what a man can do. It's only historical that men have traditionally regarded as a superior to women in both power in status. Like my lady's story she treated her husband as king and afraid of her father eyes before just because it is a common views that the daughters should obey their father and wives should treated obey their husband. As of today, women are not far behind. We went to universities and we don't put any nonsense things. I am proud that I can make my own decision.

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D said...

Hi Issa, thanks for dropping by my blog. Taga Davao ka rin pala? Nice to meet you! I'm from Davao myself, though not sa city mismo. But I went to school in Davao City, so I've pretty much lived there for 4 years when I went to Ateneo. Anyway, good to meet a Bisaya here in the blogging world! :)

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