on being pathetic and weird..

I am browsing one of my social website and I felt I was being judgemental , I don't know if I used the right word but I felt  angry myself. Why people have to add friends which in fact they don't know a person? Why they cannot stick to their friends only? I understand that it is a social website but if you have added that person and didn't accept  you then don't get mad probably she have some reason why she did that to you. And some trying to pretend they are their  friends , but in truth they are not. Why they need to do that? To gain more friends? Or to gain whatever they are aiming? Here, I was being weird and pathetic, I'm not used to connect more friends, I only added those people whom I know. Actually, I didn't like what I've seen , I felt like they stole my friend and I was right there on the corner. It will be not a good night to me.....


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