Thursday, May 6, 2010

GT-Childhood Friends

I'm sorry I don't have photo to share to everybody. I'm away from home and I don't  know if my sister will send me the photo ( tamad mangalkal yon hehehe). I will give you only some insights who are my childhood friends.

Since, I lived near the clan of my father, so almost my childhood friends are my relatives  .Some of them are here in Israel but I rarely see them. Some of them got married and work in the Philippines. Some left in the village we grew up.That's all I heard from them through my mother. I don't have any communication with them, the reason why I don't know hehehe!!!

Looking back, I missed my childhood a lot. Those were the days, that I was flying like butterflies in the garden. Cannot feel and see the what's life all about. Nice to reminisce those time. 

Thanks ganda Niko for this theme of the month.

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bambie said...

too bad walang picture.

re. my post, 2 of them are married with a child each tpos 2 kaming single. hahaha!

Mommy Liz said...

Nakakamiss talaga ang childhood life, yung basta ka na lang maglalaro, walagn iniisip na problema, hay..iba na pala kapag adult na at me sarili ng pamilya, ang dami ng problems, hehehe!

redamethyst said...

sayang walang picture. pero ang saya talaga nung bata eh, noh. puro laro. hihi
here's my entry

niko said...

aw kkamiss tlga noh? search them on facebook dali hihih minsan andun lng sila wait ka hihih

thanks for joining GT ha!! happy weekend girl!

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