Saturday, April 3, 2010

on recapturing memories

Two years ago, I had a serious understanding how actually I was turning thirty. But after that I don't remember I ever feeling older. Things have changed, environment changed, work changed, people changed, I've changed in some ways but I just couldn't believe I become thirty two in  eight days. When my lady (Sarah) heard me saying I'm turning 32 and I its shows on my face now she laugh at me and said you are still young and whoever can win your heart he is so lucky to have you.

I guess we never do feel our ages. Some people said its just only a number but deep in our heart we feel young. 

I'm stepping forward and although thirty two is more than half to golden ages,  there is a part of me that I just can't stop looking back my childhood days. Back those days, playing with skipping rope, and hide and seek with mys sisters. Making a little Nipa house and making  little pot out from clay and pretend we were like a family with a father, mother and a baby. Reading and dreaming fantasy's like Cinderella who meet her prince charming at the party. Dreaming to become a doctor, accountant, nurse , engineer and a teacher.Listening the horror stories of my father and loved to ask question how those spirits look like. 

Since I grew as a country girl, I still remember those lovely beautiful flowers in the garden of my grandmother.  The mango and apple tree that I used to climb whenever its was season of harvest . I do still remember the times when my mother brought me a stuff toy when I was playing in the ground with our dog. Oh! that was the day I was so very happy. 

All those happy memories of my childhood sounds appealing to me. I know its just for a while when I think about it. Just to capture those feelings one more time.
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Lizeewong said...

Hi there..Stumbled upon your blog via Mommy's Diary.

Anyway, I feel the same way about the idea of getting old. Despite turning a year older every year, I still feel the same. I guess being a woman, it's hard to accept the fact that we're turning the big 30! I liked being in my 20s but what matters is, we're happy and we look great right?


issa said...

yes Lizee as long we are healthy.. thanks for dropping and visiting my blog, happy Easter:)

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