Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Give a Gift - Unlimited Reading

My employer's daughter Anne, organizing a book club every Tuesday of the week. Each week somebody  who host book club venue. They are serving tea or coffee, biscuits, salads and some other afternoon snacks. One day Sarah and I joined their discussion when Anne was the hostess. It was really pleasant and I learned something from the books they read. Sometimes I took some book but I give it back to Anne before Tuesday. I don't have enough patient reading novels except authored by Daniel Steel.

I shared once to them about book rental online. The site name BookSwim - it is an online book rental services. It really convenient because you don't need to go to the book shop just to buy the specific book you want to read. They will just ask you to create a pools of book through online and you can choose a book from thousand of tittles. You can even request a specific book you want to read. And the very easy way is they will deliver it right to you door through UPS/USPS. And if you really like the book and want to read it from time to time there is no hassle for returning it so quickly or  you can have it for a discount rate.

And of course, you cannot have that easiest opportunity if you are not a member. They offer a flat monthly membership. And that membership includes everything. And return the book with their prepaid envelope that they enclose the day they delivered. It is really cheap for an avid reader they offer only $35.95 for 7 books at a time. You can view their Plans and Pricing for more information.


It also wonderful gift to your boyfriend, mother,grand mother,  girlfriend, friends who loves reading. You only have to choose a plan and length of  membership and they can have it every month as you chose what date you want to send it to them. You can add customize messages and greetings. 

Ann and the member of the book club was really amazed BookSwim offer. They loved it and for sure they will become a member. Well, most especially they are Americans who only stay for holiday here. 

I am very glad that I gave them a small introduction about their this offer. 

Go Hurry and be a Member and you can have a book as many as you can.

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Carmen Araneta said...

Hi Charmie, thanks for dropping by my blog. Wow, that's a good price for 7 books ha. I'll tell my daughter about Bookswim coz she really loves to read. How does she return the books? Thru UPS din?

Lady Patchy said...

Do you still remember the time when we just want to play all day long at ayaw ng umuwi ng bahay.

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