Thursday, April 1, 2010

on my little outlet

Do you love photographs? I'm sure everybody does. Photographs is a kind of memories that you can  share to your children, family, friends, social friends etc..A wonderful keep sake, and if one day you want to look at it, it could bring back memories. Isn't it lovely?

If there is a drug addict, shopaholic, workaholic, etc.. I am a photoholic too, hehehe.. OH, I cannot tell you how addict I am in pictures. I used to compiled my picture in an album, and I have loads of album and I am sorry I cannot share it because its already packed up to be send to the Philippines.  But I can share some snapshots that I took recently and saved herein my computer. Here are somes:


This photos taken just right in infront where I Lived. Oh, It is so lovely to look at the sunset in the afternoon. An overview of The Mediterranean Sea.

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