Welcome Yamashita's Corner

Try to convince someone who is not interested was really hard. But through snooping my blogs regularly, indeed, he finally made a new site in his name. 

He made his blog named Yamashita's Corner two days ago but I just knew it today. He hided because he wanted to surprise me. I was surprised because I already stop convincing him. I cannot believe that he will change his mind. But when I asked him to promote his blog he asked that I should do it for him. LOL!

Thus, I invited everybody to support the blog site of my one and only love, yamashita. ^_^. I know that he is begging your help and I ask it from you my fellow blogger friends. His success and inspiration depends us and his readers too. 

Your support is highly appreciated. Thank you so much!

For chumpoy, yamashita. I wish you all the luck.


☺lani☺ said…
How sweet how he hid it for you for a surprise! Anyways, almost weekend , have fun!
Vernz said…
awwww... sige Charm.. unyang gabii nako siya i-link...

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