Thursday, August 12, 2010

Got A Headache

I went to my friend this afternoon to pick some things. When I got home, I feel so nauseated and tired accompanied by terrible headache. I drunk a lot of water which I normally does with this hot weather. Then lie down in bed. Finally, I feel better after half an hour rest. 

How are headaches classified? 

Headaches have numerous causes, and in 2007 the International Headache Society agreed upon an updated classification system for headache. Because so many people suffer from headaches and because treatment sometimes is difficult, it is hope that the new classification system will allow health care practitioners come to a specific diagnosis as to the type of headache and to provide better and more effective treatment.

There are three major categories of headaches:
  1. Primary headaches - includes migraine, tension and cluster headaches, as well as a variety of other less common type of headaches. Tension headaches occurs commonly to women than men and this is the common type of primary headaches. Migrane are the second common type of primary headaches and it's affect children as well as adults. Then cluster headaches are a rare type of primary headaches. It is commonly affects men in their late 20's. 
Primary headaches can affect the quality of life. Some people have occasional headaches that resolve quickly while others are debilitated. While these headaches are not life threatening, they may be associated with symptoms that can me mimic strokes or intracerebral bleeding.

    2. Secondary headaches - these headaches are those that are due to an underlying structural problem in the head or neck. There are numerous causes of this type of headache ranging from bleeding in the brain, tumor, or meningitis and encephalitis.
    3. Cranial neuralgias, facial pains, and other headaches. - Neuralgia means nerve pains. Cranial neuralgia describes a group of headaches that occur because the nerves in the head and upper neck become inflamed and become the source of the pain in the head. Facial pain and a variety of other causes for headache are included in this category.
Most people successfully treat themselves with over-the-counter pain medication. But beware also of those medications. It might have potential interactions specially if your taking special medications. Massage and rest can be helpful and if it worsen. It is wise to ask your health care practitioner. Just to be safe.


ifashionberry said...

Hey hun! I was just passing by! Great blog :) Come check out mine!
P.S.- Sorry about the headache! I get them a lot...:(

anne said...

hi girl, sus ako bag o ra jud ko nahuman anang headache three days walay undang undang nabughat diay haist kumusta na?

Anonymous said...

hej, how are u?I feel your blogs very interesting and come back again, soon.
nice day, dear

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