Saturday, August 14, 2010

2 Basic Things You Need To Know About Sim Cards and GSM Phones

In order to understand what is SIM card is and how a GSM phone works, you need to know the mechanism and benefits of both.

Do you feel a little overwhelmed with the thought that you will pay  too much money to make only a few phone calls the next time you travel  abroad? The roaming charged applied when making calls overseas can be  astronomically high. However, there is a way to prevent such an  unbearable cost. When traveling abroad, especially when you go to the  US, you can bring an unlocked GSM phone with you and then buy a USA SIM card when you get there. Then, you will be  able to make calls anywhere in the US with a local calling rate. To know  more about a SIM card and a GSM phone, you need to review the  information below to become even more knowledgeable about them. 

 SIM cards and the GSM phone mechanism

A SIM card, or a Subscriber Identity Module, is a handy memory chip  that you can easily transfer from one cellular phone model to another.  You can easily switch your SIM card from one phone to another by sliding  the SIM out of your existing phone and placing it into another phone.  Your SIM contains information on personal identity such as your cellular  phone number, your text messages, your phonebook and other important  data. You can consider it as your mini hard disk. A SIM card is used on a  GSM phone that operates on a GSM communications network.

A GSM phone is a kind of mobile phone that uses GSM, or Global System  Mobile, Communications to send and receive countless phone calls. GSM  is considered the digital standard that was primarily presented and  opened for business in 1991. Presently, it is known to be the most  famous transmission technology in the entire world when it comes to  mobile phones.

SIM card and GSM phone benefits

A SIM card is not only easily transferable from one phone to another,  it also gives an international traveler ease in traveling by allowing  him to bring only his GSM cellular phone and just buy a local SIM, which  takes just a few minutes of time and allows the traveler to avoid  paying those pricey roaming charges.

The use of GSM phones makes using SIM cards a snap because they  provide easy accessibility to personal information, even when changing  to new phone models. When switching from one phone to another, you can  still make or receive calls with your same number. GSM phones with a GSM  technology paved the way for the birth of text messaging within various  countries. Text messaging is very popular in Asia and Europe. North  America is beginning to catch up with its popularity, too. Moreover, US  carriers use numerous technologies, including the use of third party  gateways, in order to transmit text messages.

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