Victoria Secret Pink Giveaways

I just received my Las Vegas giveaways from Demcy today. (thanks sis). And now no one can hold me to join again for another giveaway contest. 

My eyes was widely open when I came across Pink Megaline Victoria Secrets giveaway contest. As a pink lover, I can't resist not to join this contest. And oh, it's Victoria Secret, wow! I wish, luck will be mine at this time again. 
So, you  want to have like in the picture above for free? Time to enter for a chance to win Victoria Secrets Pink Collection. 

Here is the mechanic :

Leave a comment to this post together with your email and answer to one of these questions. Who is your favorite Victoria Secret Angel? What Victoria Secret fragrance do you like most? Do you often shop Victoria Secret lingerie? 

Follow Pink Megaline and make a comment. Deadline for these contest will be on August 13, 2010. And it's open internationally. So, what are you waiting for, head on to her blog and join.


Anne said…
sis love VS... i used to have VS before... love the bag here hehhehe... bag addict man ko oi...waaaa huna huna nako ug apil ko ani pamasin lol.
anne said…
I also joined this contest girl hehehe good luck to both of us
charmie said…
Sis Anygen, dali apil na dayon pamasin gud!

Good luck sa atoa sis Anne..

Salamat Arvin :)
Dhemcy is a good blogger friend of mine. Actually I call their group- she, Rose (Chubskulit), Shy (Shydub) and Bambie dear, Kumares, Inc. for their faithfulness and generosity to one another. They are very thoughtful and very faithful to their friends which made me admire them more. And of course, they are all wonderful mommies. Yes, those Victoria Secret Pink Giveaways is a wonderful contest. It is wise on your part to join it. Ako, I'll just wait for the Blue Giveaway, hehehe, joke lang, lol. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
*♥Shydub♥* said…
Yay i love the bag sis, cool giveaway.
Dhemz said…
touch naman ako sa sinabi ni kuyaMel....:) glad nadawat na nimo sis...ehehehe...don't forget to join my 2nd giveaway contest ha....:)

oh how I love VS...kaso mahalan man ko woi...eehhehe! nice giveaway...basin mag apil ko ani...ehehe!

sensya na sis karon lang jud ko nakabalik ug duaw dire..super busy man jud kau akong life woi...mabuang ko..ehehehe!
Carms said…
i love vs too.
kat-iTravel said…
ka nice sa mga pink diri...good luck Charm...

anyway adto ta boracay, dad-a tong imong pinka sexy na two-piece hehehe

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