Sunday, July 25, 2010

On What I've Been Doing Lately

Hey, guys, I'm back here. Happy Sunday to all and hope you enjoy your weekend ^-^

I missed these things, writing about myself, what I've been thinking or doing? Lately, I'm too lazy to do certain things. I enjoyed looking back those time when I was a little kid and happy to be with my siblings.  It procrastinating my time until ends up in one pack because I have to do it quickly. In short unproductive and tiring days.

Going back those memories on my mind (it's always been a part of me)for the past few days that wasted my time. Modestly speaking, I've always been a good girl. For almost 19 years away without parental guidance, I have no choice but to be strong and to stand my own. From a country girl who never knew what city life is. But never, never came up to my mind to do things that can never be proud of especially to my family and to my self. However, there are times that on my journey towards my goal, there are people tries to break it. They stole the trust of my family and the people who cared and loved me. Partly they've won to destroy me  but I'm still lucky eventually at the end I got back the trust they've been given me.  It made me cry  I cannot forgive those people, I tried too but the hate and the anger stayed here in my heart. Somehow, someday, time can heal the wound.

It made me surprised also that for 11 years that I've only  seen  my family once in a year for five days and now eight straight years without seeing them hit me to missed my mother so much. I know it's normal but I find it odd feelings, it's not like me,  being away for many years I can't even remember the cooking of my mother. But then,  I still remember her voice shouting at me. LOL! I can still remember the way she get angry with my father. I can't remember her touch but I can remember her smile. Certainly, mother has unconditional love and I know she missed me that much as I missed her too. I have spoken to her yesterday and that missed her a lot more. My relationship with my mother is not like what my siblings have, that probably had been missing between us. But I admire my mother so tenderly.

It made me think also that I wish people came with warning labels so I know which one to avoid. I know I'm not perfect, I have flaws also as a human being. A human being  who is tired to those self-centered, selfish, thoughtless and careless people. People who waste so much of my time and energy. The most disapointing part is you get a long these people so well but also can get hard to handle every day. It's quiet the double edge sword for there is nothing like a genuine human caring response yet nothing as crushing or disappointing as cruel, thoughtless, insensitive response.

Those thoughts occupied my mind lately and I forgot the things I have to do..Such as

1. I have to pick up my box to my friend so that I could start packing now with my second box to be send home this end of the month.
2. I have to cut toenails of Sara. I forgot it for quiet a few days already
3. I have some ironing to do

And lastly, yesterday I had a big job and shouldn't be neglected even for a second. Hehehe! When we came home from the pool , water was flowing in the floor of the kitchen. Gee! Our freeze, suddenly turn off , the machine is not working.. Whew! So, I cleaned up  and it lasted me two hours to finish. I cleaned the whole kitchen though hahaha!

Happy Sunday!


Vernz said...

Muoli naman jud diay ka dear... good luck .... see you here .. pasalabong nako hehehehe...

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

You are good and a tough girl Charice. You have always been a survivor. The only thing missing in you is your heart to be set aright. Learn to forgive and forget because harboring all those anger and angst in your heart will develop a spirit of bitterness which will act like an acid that will sear your heart and soul. Remember the admonition of the Lord for us to forgive so that we too can be forgiven. Just erase the bad memories of the past in your mind and surrender them all to the Lord. Then you can really move on the greater heights of God's wonderful purpose in your life. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

charmie said...

Thank you Kuya Mel, I appreciate your advice so much. Salamat sa dalaw palagi!

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