GT: I Love Me Mentally

Once again it's girl talk. And this week topic is love myself - Mentally. 

Our mind is the most powerful force. It gives us purpose, propels actions, gives insights and understanding, makes us reasonable, in fact makes us a living thing with unique wisdom. With our mind, any ideas conceivable can be brought to reality.  
So, in my mental approach in life - what I love mentally about me is being strong. My mind can able to handle any stress in life. My mother always admire and trust my capacity to handle  difficulties. She always believe that I am very strong that sometimes the expectation is  unreachable.  I  believe too that I'm quiet smart mentally - from all the hardships and experiences I've been through in my life I can say I'm proud of myself of what I have.

My ability to succeed comes within me though along my way I have failures but it's part of my life journey and I'm just human.  I want to be natural, being true too myself. I don't want to be a hero just to be appreciated and admired. But I love my mental positive approach in life. Above all I thank GOD for everything he has given me.

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Lucia ♥ said…
I love those first lines of this entry <3 and I so admire you for being a stong person and mostly for being able to handle stress cause that is something that I have to worry about a lot. Hopefully I will become a more relaxed person and won't stress myself out because of every little thing in a couple of years :)

P.S. The photo makes me feel so peacefull! awww
anne said…
Very well said girl, indeed you are a very strong woman and I so admire you for that
I hate stress and I really can't handle them all, kaya naman I salute you Sis for having a strong mind of handling it soo brave. Share you secret naman ^.^

Happy Girls TaLk
Jenn said…
Oh nice... this is really good. Naku, nakakasira talaga ng utak ang stress, may times hirap akong mag-adjust.

My GT Post is up HERE.
Enchie said…
Great post Charmie. I admire you're point of view in life. It's realistic, moving and full of determination.
Rossel said…
another tough geek here. i admire for that sis.
January said…
great post sis and I'm beginning to admire you.

Me Mentally
jganlising said…
thanks sis! positive!!! =)
Kelangan tlga natin yan! kasi kung d k positive d k makakapg isip ng maayus at tama ayt?

hays...nde ako honor nung college...kasi nga working ako. Highschool dn nmn working but not in fastfoods =)
Dhemz said…
I'm giving you a big applause lahat ba naman achievements mo sa are a smart person indeed...:)
Carmen Araneta said…
That's a good mental outlook, Charms. Always think positive and remember that God is always with you.
Vernz said…
Tumpak.. standing ovation ... korek ka diyan dear.. wait lang kung may mga anak kana.. hahaha tan-awon nato ..LOL... salamat my dear sa laag..
K said…
being able to think clearly and positively under stress, now that's a very admirable trait. i'm not like that all the time, i sometimes let stress win over. that's something i need to work on :)
love these lines, " I believe too that I'm quiet smart mentally - from all the hardships and experiences I've been through in my life I can say I'm proud of myself of what I have."..go girl!..i admire your courage and strength..=)
charmie said…
Thanks for all the comments.

Ate Vernz, antay ko nga yan time na yan eh, ksi sabi iba daw pag may asawa na. Very independent ako kaya mahirap maghanap ng partner , nyahahahai!Buti may nakatiis ngayon!
i am proud of you sis...
nice one, your a warrior!
Although I like the idea of people thinking of me as a strong person like you, but you are right, sometimes it's hard too bec they expect you to be the help giver all the time, that you will need it.
♥peachkins♥ said…
I admire really strong personalities..
gee said…
Hi! thanks for visiting my blog, great day ahead
I agree to what you said, to be strong and mentally positive in life. Great post sis :)

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