A Blog Award For Me

I laughed and I cannot believed when I saw that I was one of the person awarded by Joahna Vern of What's Inside Joahna's Heart as a Blog with Substance.  I never knew that my writing has a substance and inspire some of my readers because I'm a newbie in these world. All I know I write with my " echus, kaek-ekan and drama" in life. lol!
Hence, blogging is my outlet. I can really express what I really feel . And from the time I keep updating my blogs almost everyday, I gained friends around the globe, widen my knowledge and learned that I could earn a little bit from sponsored reviews.  That's challenge and encourage me to write more. 

To summed it up, blogging is INSPIRINGENHANCING knowledge, CHALLENGING , ENCOURAGING and BUILDING friendship

Anyhow, I do really appreciate Joahna for giving me this award. Thank you very much sis! 

As for the rule:  Thank the blogger who gave the award to you. Sum up your blogging philosophy, motivation and experience using five (5) words for example : WRITE HEART PEOPLE LIVE HAPPY. Pass in on to 10 other blog which you feel have real substance:  But since I have  more than 10 in my list, I rather choose not to name it. ^-^ If you feel you want to share these award then pass it on..


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