Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SocialSpark - My Journey of Earning Online

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am interested like any other blogger to earn online. Therefore,  I signed up different sites  advertising enhancing my journey towards earning money online and learning more in the world of blogging. However, I wasn't so satisfied and I discovered how much I love writing and I really enjoyed even my senseless ideas, thoughts and opinion. I also noticed that I am writing more of myself rather than giving a reader a resourceful topic to read.

Then, I chatted one blogger friend Anne, the author of A Journey Towards Success, for a record she is working 7 blogs. She asked me if I registered with a sponsored site. And how long that I keep working with my blog? I was lucky that she introduced me www.socialSpark.com. 
Looking and browsing the whole site really amazed me. Its gives me a great interest to write more and more. In SocialSpark advertisers post their opportunity to the marketplace and blogger have a chance to choose what opportunities they will take which relevant to their blogs categories. And every opportunities have specific requirement and if you managed to comply those requirements then you'll take it and if you're qualified then your done. You've earn a dollar. How simple, isn't it?And its not only, earning dollars, you can earn friends as well. Add them as you friends and become their follower. It is is a charming sponsored blogs sites that give benefits to both advertiser and a blogger.

Nevertheless, they want to know if your post is worth reading before they will approve and pay you. Blogger should be real and authentic to their post. You can read a full explanation at  Code of Ethics.

 I am a new member of this network and I am happy to bestow my interest with their  services.

Signing up is very easy  if your interested let me know how do you find their services.

Good Luck and Happy Earning!

Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!


Ms. Journ said...

ay agoy sis naa man starring akong balay dire... heheh! thanks a lot sister. Actually naa pa daghan just buzz me around heheh..

Goodluck sa application nimo kay SS sis. Let me know if dawat naka.

Labay2x ko.

Lady Patchy said...

thanks for this .i signed up already for this but don't know how to start yet. guess i need to read and learn more. it will take time before i start with this.

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