trying hard

I had so much fun reading the entry of  GT this week , and I noticed most of you are mommies , hehehe!!! Do I need to join this, nahiya yta ako kasi I think I'm the only single here.. but I love, so I won't care na din..

By the way, I find it difficult to look for some hidden photos of mine, since my laptop has been reformat , all my old file was gone.  Luckily, I found some photo's from my camera and this one picture of mine caught my attention. I was laughing because I took this picture when I was trying to copy a pose of Penelope Cruz from a magazine, unfortunately it wasn't perfect to post it. If its not because of GT , i rather hide this! LOL

I was alone when I took this picture ,just set the timer of my camer, and trying hard to pose like a model. LOL.. parang addict, kakahiya!


LingLing said…
You know? I have photos like this as well :D tried to look like a model too many times but always ended up as an epic fail! :D
issa said…
yeah ur right, :D , thanks for dropping by my blogs.
Kasai said…
Ahihihihi! just dropping by, sorry I cant help myself not to let you know I love your picture! Adik na adik and dating! OOps sorry Its not an insult, It just really made me laugh

Thanks for sharing!
sheng said…
wow panalo ang picture na toh ah...nice one sis...magawa nga din ang ganitong emo...hehehe
tipsy ka siguro nito no? hehehe....nice one sis!

Just passing by from Girls Talk and here's mine:
Anonymous said…
wow....pwede na tagi....more try pa maperfect muna!!!!
issa said…
thanks kasai,sheng, pinaymama.. hindi po ako tipsy jan like ko gayahin post ni penelope hehehe, di ko nagaya para akong addict, thanks talaga sa comment..

tagi, hehehe. pwde na ba? para nga akong baliw
niko said…
oh my this is so cute!!! you look like a model.. i love your boots!! hihihih

thanks for joining GT girl.. and for being so game.. the april theme is up by the way.. dont worry its much safer now hihihi

tc always!
Ana Cristina said…
This pic is so cool!!
Thanks for your visit and comment left. Wish you a happy week ahead!
issa said…
thanks girls for appreciating my pics.. Actually, I am like an addict here.. shameful at my age LOL...

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