Sunday, March 28, 2010

on my week end escapades....

I was longing to go out every week but because I don't have anybody to go with me so I prefer to watch American Idol, or go to bed early. 

My cousin who always my buddy, my friend, my partner in crime as one of my friend said. and  always canceled her appointment with me ..hehehe.. so one night I dreamed, saying to me "cousin I am sorry I cannot come" In my dreamed I said, "its ok but don't come anymore here" When I told her last thursday , she laughed at me and said she will come to spend time for the week end.

It was a lovely weekend escapades after 2 months that I never go out, can you believe that? Hahaha!!! We supposed to go to our favorite restaurant the Collins Kitchen Bar and Restaurant but  when we were there it was under renovation, fortunately that area has a lot of restaurants so we ended up to a Burger Restaurant name Black City. The restaurant was full, no vacant table for two so we sat by the bar counter. It was great, we order straight a dakiri for a drinks ..while waiting for our order. We were a little bit tipsy when we went home but we managed... We had 2 glasses of different cocktails drinks and a glass of wine at home before we went out.  I was really glad that my cousin spent time with me this week end and I had little escapades out from my work. Now, I am trying to convince my lady (patient) to spend at least 12 hours for my birthday in 2 weeks. I want to dance, I missed it a lot. Also I want to spend time some of my friends whom I see rarely. 

And its funny when we woke up in the morning at about 10 am we had fried rice for breakfast with egg and sausages. The time I supposed to prepare our lunch I received a text messages from a friend inviting us for a birthday celebration. They had inihaw na tilapia, with toyo na may bawang, bam-i pansit a banana cake,chicken adobo, chicken grill.  Most are filipino food which we missed a lot. Very rarely for us to have this food since we don't have flat(apartment). We stayed with our jobs. We were very full and enjoyable week end. 

I had a wonderful afternoon and I thank so much to Ate Melly and Ate Naty for having me in their thoughts all the time. Every time they have a celebration they won't missed to invite me. I am grateful to have a friend who's like a mother to me.

Things change since I started this job of mine, yes, its well paid but I am just a human being sometimes wants a life of the outside world. I am young in my own opinion and being engaged to my boyfriend  who's not with me. Soon we will be together and I am looking forward for it..

 Ate Melly , Me , Ate Naty

with my cousin ,our second drinks while waiting for our order
 our last drink, I'm a bit tipsy here
The Black diamond burger

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