Sunday, March 14, 2010

on my naked face...

When I woke up this morning, it came up to my mind what if I will post my naked face here? ..LOL... make up free face.. no lipstick, no foundation not even considering a pressed powder. I know the idea makes me sick because I'm not used to post photos of myself  without wearing any make ups (smile) but I guess there is something about it that makes me feel free and liberating. And I figure it out that this is another step in my quest in learning to love the bits of myself that I consider to be imperfect, instead of admiring it as being lovely.

Posting this photo took me a lot of courage, and when I look at it I humbly say It's not bad I think hahaha!!! so scary to see my face without make ups. Its a fresh look, just got up from bed when I took this photo. I noticed that my right eye is smaller than my left eye. I like my lips, even without lipstick hehehe....but I look like my age LOL...I do feel much more insecure without wearing make ups or doing my hair though I don't wear a huge amount of make up on a daily basis. Usually I used only pressed powder and a bit of lips shiner. But it's nice to know that I can look myself in the mirror without wearing make ups,. I  guess that's the most important thing although we are all prettier when we wear  a bit of make ups on a daily basis.  I know there are certain things I have to cover in order to look like a decent human being.( ^_^). I posted some photo of my self  with make ups to a certain place I go. 

on daily basis 

when I go to church

went to parties, discos or dinner..

Wearing make ups will depend to the clothes and the fashion I'm wearing... It looks very different when I wear make ups and gain me a lot more of self confidence..
"Beauty is Always on the eye of the Beholder"

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