Wednesday, March 17, 2010

on some thoughts of real true friends

While making this vedio, I was thinking what a real true friendship are?

I have a wonderful friendship with Roze, Iren, Ruth, Marj, Elaine and Tonet. Though I didn't met them at the same time but the moment we shared together thats matter  most for me.Through thick and  thin, in good and bad times. We shared laughter, tears, problems and sentiments. Each one of us are always ready to listen. And I thought that's what friends are for..

So, with my relationship with them, I thought I could give a little idea or explanation what real true friends are?

For me friends, love unconditionally, of course we have little angry moments, we are only human being but what's done is done and all is forgiven. We don't need to be exactly the same, yes, we have similarities but we have also differences. I thought to keep going and holding on friendship is not only to expand on similarities but also to accept each others fault. The more we stay on friendship, I'm sure we know our friends and we cannot judge them.. We have to feel comfortable together otherwise it's not working or will not click.. We have also arguments and it is normal to be healthy. I think it's not nice we always agree on everything. Me, if I don't like it I'll say NO but I often said YES lol...

Sometimes also, without any reasons at all, we don't like the person in first meeting and vise versa.  So, believe in love at first sight because there is always an equivalent on friendship.

Friends are forever,they come, they go and  you will have separate lives, separate pathways but always the time and the memories that matters. Its how you make those days that you always remembered..

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