headache-from emotional stress

Since yesterday, i got a terrible headache and I thought,lack of sleep was the main reason. But probably, the weather also one of the cause because it is very hot. Taking medicine is my worse enemy but I can't cope the pain (aching)so I decided to take paracetamol this morning. that helps me a lot. Emotional stress also the reason why people having headache I supposed. Me, I'm not overwork physically but the I am emotionally stress. Being with the elderly person for almost 16 hours a day is tiring. Well, that's the kind of job I got. I prefer to look after Alzheimer's patient rather than a mobile person, who is able to walk and talk as a normal people. It's difficult to manage. I am emotionally stress because I could feel what they felt and sometimes I am worried and the anger is there. I usually take a deep breath and get out from the room and avoid them sometimes.


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